Diary of K. Kleptos ~ Final Entry: Zeneporting
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Sunday... I bought a plot of land in Riverview today. I also applied for a job, at the theatre in the music career, which starts tomorrow. Then I went to the art museum and found an open easel. I thought to myself, "How cool to be able to paint in such nice surroundings!" Then, I created my first painting.

After awhile, I thought I should start looking for a possible mate, so I went outside to meet some interesting sims. I introduced myself to a few sims. One of them was named Jon Lessen. He is a charismatic, artistic, hopelessly romantic virtuoso. Unfortunately, he is rich and out of my league; but he is a partner at work, so I've made friends with a co-worker already!

By this time, I was getting hungry. I went out past the school to an empty house with apple trees. I harvested about a dozen apples from the three trees there. Then, I munched some apples and bought a guitar to practice my musical skills. Later, I used the bathroom and took a few naps on a somewhat comfortable couch here at the art gallery. (It's amazing that the art gallery remains open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Where I am from, the galleries are usually closed on Mondays and are not open in the evenings except for special events.)

Monday... It's my first day at my new job. I discovered that the gallery has a full bath complete with a tub, so I don't have to worry about smelling bad at work! However, I slept a little late enjoying a nap on the gallery couch. It didn't seem to matter that much though, and I was able to stick it out until the end of my shift. I was a bit strained at the end of that shift though!

I called a few people on my cell to chat for a bit. (As I don't get off work until 9 p.m., it is too late to visit for very long.) Then I headed back to the gallery where I finished another painting. I decided to just munch on apples and nap on the couch again. No one seemed to mind.

Tuesday... I saw the boss at the galley today and tried to hint I could use a raise or a promotion, but he didn't agree. I also met a sim named Billy Caspian. He is quite nice looking and is artistic as well. I also did better about getting to work on time; but with just the guitar basics so far, I didn't luck a promotion. I ate more apples and napped on the couch again. I had been given a book to read to help my job performance, but I was simply too tired.

Wednesday... Today I had a day off, but I was awakened at 6:30 a.m. with an opportunity to visit an art showing some afternoon between 1 and 5 p.m. I had finished all my apples by now and, as I was really hungry, I had to go back to harvest some more. Fortunately, the same trees gave me another dozen apples! I later chatted with my co-worker, boss, and Billy; but I didn't really accomplish much for having a whole day off.

With part of my free time, I was able to practice my guitar skills. I am still a long way from even saying that I am beginner, but I am a couple steps ahead of someone who knows nothing about music. Unfortunately, I didn't read that book for work or get over to see the art show yet.

Thursday... Today I finished that book before heading off to work. I got plenty of sleep by taking lots of naps. I soaked in the tub. My day went well and I was even told that I have enough points to purchase a reward. (I didn't buy anything though, as I want to save up for something much better.)

Unfortunately, because I didn't work hard, but only approached it as business as usual, I still didn't get a promotion. In order to better my odds tomorrow, I practiced my guitar after work, but it was so late and I was tired. I didn't make any significant advancement in my musical skills.

Friday... I got up and ate some apples. (When the doctor said to eat an apple a day, I wonder if he envisioned this.) Oh well, I soaked in the tub and went back to take another nap. By this time, it was almost noon. Luckily for me, my boss was visiting the gallery again with his family. By now, we are friends; so I hit him up for a promotion again. At least he didn't get mad at me this time and thought I was being amusing!

While I didn't get any more practice in, and I was an hour late for work because Billy called me just as I was going in the door, I did get promoted! I now have more than a 1,000 simoleans. I also have some tangle-free blinds that I picked up at work sometime during the week. (I often find myself in possession of something without really understanding how these things happen. It just seems to be a genetic thing. I am sure my kids and grandkids and great grandkids will go through the same thing for generations to come.)

Saturday... Well, I almost forgot that I had to go to work today. (Where would we be if we didn't have auto-reminders?) I was playing my guitar, trying to get more skill, when I was reminded about work. I had also received that invitation earlier in the week to visit an art show at the business offices downtown, so I decided to head to the business art show before going into work. The art show was okay, but the offices were on the bland side. They could sure use a new design and an interior make-over if nothing else. Oh well... I wasn't too late for work.

When I started getting strained at work, I got the opportunity to help set up for a show there at the theatre. I clocked out and helped out. Then I clocked back in again. By working hard, I was able to make up for skipping out for a couple of hours. However, once again, I did not get promoted, and I still don't have even 2,000 simoleans. It will be a long time before I can add a nice double bed and burglar alarm in the attic.

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