Dark Heresy
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Dark Heresy is a story set in an eastern land ravaged by one hundred years of bloodshed.

Amidst the ruins, a hardened general returns home after the war is over.
His troubled mind finds solace in the least-likely person—the daughter of the man he killed.
When he closes his eyes each night, she is the one haunting his increasingly vivid dreams.

It's better if you read the story from my website: http://missanne82.livejournal.com/1398.html
The formatting is a bit nicer there; MTS is too wide.

The greatest achievement is selflessness
The greatest worth is self-mastery
The greatest quality is seeking to serve others
The greatest precept is continual awareness
The greatest action is not conforming with the world's ways
The greatest magic is transmuting the passions
The greatest generosity is non-attachment
The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind
The greatest patience is humility
The greatest effort is not concerned with results
The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go
The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances
- Atisha


Chapter 1 - Princess of Nothing
Chapter 2 - The Kingdom of Ash and Bone
Chapter 3 - Realm of Torment
Chapter 4 - Eye of the Storm
Chapter 5 - The Name of Desire
Chapter 6 - The Kiss of Winter
Chapter 7 - See No Evil
Chapter 8 - The Light That Blinds
Chapter 9 - Aaliyah
Chapter 10 - Damnation
Chapter 11 - The Broken Vow
Chapter 12 - The Gates of Dawn
Chapter 13 - Nightfall
Chapter 13 - Children of Sorrow
Chapter 14 - Whore
Chapter 15 -
Chapter 16 - The Ebon Hand
Chapter 17 - Assassin of Kings

From the north-- Drustan
The eastern kingdoms-- Ashara, Valyria, Da'Jin
Asshai, the capital city of Ashara

Note: There are so very few Egyptian-themed items available for TS3, aside from EA stuff. I try to do the best I can with the limited custom content. Hopefully it does not detract too much from the feel of the story. Keep in mind that this place in an ancient era.

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Next: Chapter One
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