Lost, A Bella Goth Story Part 2 (Updated) #Imback
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I decided to write short stories on Pleasantview's citizens. These spin offs will eventually connect to a bigger story. Nina and Dina decided on moving out of Pleasantview. They had been involved in many scandals in the neighborhood.

After stirring up to much trouble in Pleasantview the Caliente twins decided for a fresh start. Although this isn’t their first “fresh start” Nina was determined to make something out of this opportunity. Dina’s divorce settlement ended with Mortimer buying her a house far far away from Pleasantview. He also bought Dina an Audi for the long drive and of course to keep, and some money that would last them a few years. Nina wanted to use the money wisely until she found a stable position career. But Dina had other plans for use of the money.

The twins left everything behind in Pleasantview. They still owned the condo that Dina received from her previous marriage. So the twins basically packed their bags. The twins had travelled for more than 12 hours. They didn’t know what to expect with this move. When they arrived they found a two story home. The twins found it hard to believe that it was theirs. It wasn’t the Goth mansion but something that fits their taste.

Dina didn’t really plan on getting a job right away. As a matter of fact she didn’t really want a job. She wanted to be in the comfort of her home. Waking up in the morning in a comfortable bed, lounging around her living room, and even finding time to go out into the city. Dina was looking forward to her new life. Nina didn’t really like Dina’s new look on life. This was their second chance on new beginnings. Nina knew the mistakes she made and learned from them she wasn’t going to repeat the past.

That night Nina and Dina decided to head out to town and found a karaoke bar. The two sat down and watched as many sang on the karaoke machine. Dina rolled her eyes as she watched a mother and daughter performing a duet. “You should totally go up there and show them who runs this bar” Dina laughed. “They look so adorable I don’t really want to ruin their moment” Nina replied. “If you wont I will, besides they suck anyways.” Dina said.

After a few horrible performances Nina took the stage and started singing. She caught every ones attention and eventually she started to shine. She realized that performing was a natural talent for her. She knew what she was doing and enjoyed the attention she received from people. She definitely would enjoy to get paid for doing this and decided it was best not to reveal all her talents, not yet.

Nina was excited and couldn’t stop thinking about last night. The next morning she got onto her computer and started looking up talent scouts and managers. She realized that she wanted to manage herself. It was a big responsibility that Nina would take up but her mother always thought her if she wanted something done it was always best to do it herself.

Nina went and audition for a talent scout and they gave her a job in delivering sing a grams. In the following weeks Nina had been going house to house giving residents of Starlight Shores sing a grams. Eventually she became a pro a what she was doing. People were starting to remember Nina’s name. Nina also loved her job and felt comfortable. She loved singing for the rich because they often gave her big tips. Nina was on her way to success and eventually became a level 1 celebrity around the town.

Weeks turned into months and Nina had continue to soar in her career. While Dina took the complete opposite, Dina stayed home all day and got drunk of wine. She didn’t show any support in Nina’s career as much as she used to and that has put a strain on the twins relationship. An average day Nina would leave to see Dina sleeping on the couch passed out. When she come back she would find Dina on the same couch but in a different position.

Nina’s career continued to fly and it was one day while she was performing for a couple of kids she was pulled aside by a propertier. She was amazed by Nina’s voice and heard plenty about her in the past few months. She asked Nina to give her a sample. At first Nina really didn’t know who she was but the old woman looked sweet. Nina performed for her and the woman adored her. Turned out she owned the whole parked and asked Nina if she wanted to perform on the stage. There really wasn’t an event but she hoped that Nina would attract a crowd.

When Nina arrived home she welcomed her sister with the happiest smile ever. Despite the arguing that’s been going on lately Nina decided to let it go so she can share this beautiful moment with her sister. Most of the time when they argued Dina was to gone to remember. “ Guess what sis” Nina said greeting her sister. Dina looked her up and down and answered. “What” Dina replied rudely. “I’ve got my first gig at the park.” Nina said excitedly. In a rage Dina cornered her sister in the kitchen and gave her a dirty look. “I don’t care about that at all” Dina said. Nina then realized that her sister wasn’t drunk, she was sober so she meant everything she just said. “Forget about it were out of Wine I’m going out to buy more. “Dina said.

She wandered off after crashing her car, she was hurt and didn’t know where she was. She has driven off the main road miles ago and couldn’t figure out where she was all that was near her was mountains. She threw up as she made her way barely able to hold herself up. She was sore. Dina didn’t mean to yell at her sister. This was just the way of coping with her divorce. This was also the same way she coped with her first husbands death. She felt unwanted by the world. The only person who showed that they cared about her was her sister Nina, and she just yelled at her. Dina had found out that after she married Mortimer that he was still searching for his wife. And when Mortimer found her before Bella came back home he told Dina to move far away. He didn’t want his wife finding out about her.

Call it twin telepathy, Nina tossed and turned all night. It’s as if she can sense that her sister was in trouble. In her dream she saw that her sister was lost. But she didn’t take the dream seriously.

Nonetheless Nina started of her day forgetting about Dina. She had a gig and wanted to look her best. She took a shower and waited for Dina to come home but she never brought the car. Nina realized that this was Dina’s way of putting a stop to her performing. Nina thought Dina was playing games and wanted nothing to do with it. After her show she was going house hunting, she made enough and now has a stable job she doesn’t need to depend on Dina anymore.

Nina performed great and looked great while she was doing it. With the loud speakers Nina attracted a big crowd. She sung for almost 3 hours and everyone enjoyed her performance. This was her first performance and she was a little upset that her sister wasn’t here to celebrate with her. Nina sang her heart out. But she felt as if that wasn’t her best. Yeah the crowd loved her singing but she wanted them to start dancing to her tunes. She was going to teach herself a few dance moves to improve her next performance.

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Next: Sims Stories, Fame A Caliente Story Part 2
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