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She was alone in the world, nothing was left for her in Chicago. Her number was almost up, and she knew when that happened, she'd be tossed on the street, forgotten, to be replaced by someone else.

People like Katey, didn't belong anywhere, and so when she got the letter from her Aunt's lawyer, she knew it was time to moved on. The cab ride from the airport was ridiculously long, and that was followed by waiting for the lawyer to show up with the house key.

"It's all yours, welcome to Broken Bay." He was tall, and well built, not exactly dressed like she expected a lawyer to be dressed, in form fitting jeans and a t shirt that hugged his very toned body, he wasn't driving what she expected a lawyer to drive either. She almost laughed when she saw him get out of the rusted old pickup truck, fortunately she caught herself in time. "Hmm, Broken Bay, doesn't sound very welcoming!" The lawyer laughed, "It was named by the founding fathers, they ended up stranded here after their ship washed ashore" She smiled as she looked around at the tiny cottage that had been left to her care, "Well Broken definitely fits my life."

The man shrugged his shoulders, "Oh and the truck in the driveway, it's yours the keys are up under the visor. Your aunt refused to part with her, said she was old but she was tough, just like your aunt. Too bad you never got to meet her, she was quite the gal." Her gaze traveled over to the driveway, and rested on the old Ford sitting there, "Well at least it's transportation, I guess, as long as it runs!"

"It most definitely runs, your Aunt took great care of her! Names Trevor Dawson, by the way, don't think I formally introduced myself. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around Katey. Broken Bay is a small town so people have a way of bumping into each other frequently. If you need anything you got my number, don't hesitate to give me a call. You're going to like it here, it's a nice place to settle down in." Katey watched as he walked back down the path to his car. With a sigh she turned back around to see what exactly she had inherited.

As she walked up the porch stairs, Katey surveyed the outside, the trip had left her exhausted, and all she really wanted to do was take a hot shower and climb into bed. It was cute, maybe a little too country for her tastes, but still it had a cozy air about it, and even better, it was all hers. No one could ever make her leave it, no one could ever take it away!

She almost tripped as she walked through the front door, two fur balls bounded around her feet. It took Katey a minute to realize what they were, and as soon as she did, she ran back out the door. Too late, his truck was already heading down the road.

She grabbed her cell phone and punched in the number, muttering under her breath about people thinking she was an animal shelter.
"Well that didn't take long," Trevor's lazy drawl came over the line, "I suppose you met Sophie and Sadie. Those were your aunts pets, Sophie is the French Bulldog, and Sadie is the cat. Oh and you do have to take care of them, I might have forgot to mention that when I was reading her will." Katie sat there sputtering on the line, "I can barely take care of myself, do I look like an animal lover to you? Do I look like someone who can keep, not one, but two animals alive?"

His slow chuckle vibrated in her ear. "It's not that hard, just feed them, and scoop Sadie's litter box, and make sure you take Sophie out or you will be cleaning up a mess. Is there anything else I can help you with?" She was furious, how dare he think this was funny! "No, I think I've got it, feed, walk, and scoop." She grimaced at the thought of having to scoop a cat's litter box, "Then I have a dinner to finish, if you don't mind Miss Katey. Of course you know how to get me if you need anything else."

She clicked her phone shut, resisting the urge to throw it against the nearest wall, and looked down at the two fur balls, "Sorry guys, but guess you are stuck with me, hope you live and all that stuff!" The house was adorable inside, not her style, but still quite cute, and it had everything she needed. She found the bedroom and was delighted to find her very own tub with a shower. After a long hot soak, she collapsed into bed.

The sun was just peeking above the horizon when Katey felt a hard thud land next to her, startled from her dreams, she sat up, ready to scream, until it started barking. "OK, see this is why I don't do animals, do you even have any concept of what time it is, and how tired I am? No, I didn't think so."

It was then that it occurred to her, maybe, just maybe she forgot to feed them. She slowly drug herself out of bed and rummaged around in cupboards until she found their food, after filling up both their dishes, she decided she might as well feed herself. She grabbed a yogurt out of the fridge and dumped it into a bowl, adding shopping to her already long list of things to accomplish. "Not a bad view, it's actually quite a nice little yard, guess you guys have a lot of fun out there too. Looks like my aunt set me up pretty good!"

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Next: Chapter 2 Katie's Welcome
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