Full House
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Hello everyone! Back when Sims 3 came out I did my first story about a girl who lived in a house filled with ghosts, wich unfourtunaly didn't continue very far since the save-file got borked. Now, with supernatural out, I thought I'd reboot the thing with a "few" more elements. As I am writing this for both fun and as a training exercise I'd like to receive constructive criticism when possible. Enjoy!


Full House: Prologue

'Tell me about the Magical Land again!' Mia asked once more as she made herself comfortable beneath her blanket. Her father laughed and moved closer to tuck her in.
'Again? Didn't I tell you about it last night?' he asked, but he couldn't hide the mirth in his voice. It was his favourite as well.
'Tell me anyway!' Mia chuckled.
'Alright, as you wish, you little enchantress.' Bert smiled as he made himself comfortable at the side of the bed. 'Where did we leave the Magical Land yesterday?' he asked.
'The moon was full and there was a vampire and a werewolf and a powerful wizard.' Mia replied eagerly. 'The wizard told the others that they had to be nice to each other when the moon was full.'
'That's right. The werewolf and the vampire never saw eye to eye but the wizard knew that in the light of the full moon the most evil of all creatures would emerge. Creatures who didn't care how hairy you body was or how pointy you teeth could be.' Bert told his child.
Mia's eyes grew bigger and bigger as the story went on, and Bert felt himself fill up with a sense of pride as he noted that his daughter didn't frighten at all as he told her how the dead rose from the ground to eat the brains of the living.
As he told her how the brave werewolf fought to protect his friends from the undead, and how the wisdom of the vampire and the wizard came to save the day he wondered if he should, perhaps, tell her the truth...

'Are you two still up?' called a woman from the door. 'Mia, you where supposed to go to sleep a full hour ago.' Mia's mother, Felicity, said, but she did have a smile on her face.
'Sorry, sweetheart, your mother's right.' Bert noted and leaned down to kiss his daughter on her forehead. 'I'll tell you more next time.' As he stood up Mia pouted, but her sleepy face proved that she had to sleep soon.
Closing the door to his daughter's room Bert turned to his wife. 'She loves my stories.' He said with a big smile. Felicity didn't return the expression.
'Would she still love them if she knew they where true?' she asked, her face grim. Bert's face fell.

'I... Well, maybe. I mean, it's not that bad actually. I've seen worse since I moved and...'
'Worse than zombies?' Felicity interrupted. 'Worse than monsters?'
'Yes, honey, worse than monsters.' Bert replied firmly. 'And really, these days things are very... cordial. People obey the laws. I think she might even be disappointed to know it's not as exciting as she might have thought...' he stopped when he saw his wife's face. They both sighed.

'Anyway...' he said after a while. 'It might not be our decision to tell her or not. She might have gotten the gift. If she does, she must be told. Regardless of how we feel about it.' Bert took his wife's hands in his and gave them a reassuring squeeze.
'Don't you worry darling. Everything will be fine.'


Time passed. A girl grew. A man died.


Mia pulled her cap over her eyes as she walked outside. She walked out of her normal school into the normal sunlight and looked out at the normal town. Everything was normal. She gave a normal sigh, and started walking towards her normal home. Sunset Valley was normal. She wasn't sure she was supposed to live in such a normal world.
It was less than a week until her graduation, as her classmates constantly mentioned in various giddy ways. She felt less excited about it. She hadn't really been excited about anything the last three years.
Not since her father died.
Her father hadn't been normal. She felt that was a good thing. Her father had been almost... magical. At least that what she told people. When she was alone she left out the 'almost'.
As she arrived at her home she was greeted by Tammy the cat and her soft purring as she nuzzled against Mia's legs.
'I'm home!' she called as she scooped up the cat and stroked it's soft fur.
'Welcome home.' Felicity called from the living room. She held something in her hand and didn't let her eyes wander from it even as Mia came in and sat down on the sofa, setting Tammy down on her lap.
'What's that?' Mia asked half-heartedly as the cat arced to get her mistress to pet her in all the good spots. Felicity stayed silent for a while before she answered.
'It's you father's last will.'
Tammy meowed in protest as the pettings stopped abruptly.
'Dad's?' Mia asked, eyes wide. 'Is... is it important?'
'It's very important, but it hasn't been until now.' Felicity said, her face unreadable. She sat down next to her child. 'It concerns your future... as a witch.'

The word came as a surprise. Felicity had never wanted to talk about her daughter's gift before, and with her father gone there was no one else to talk about it with.
'Bert wanted you to get proper experience with magic.' Felicity continued before Mia could say anything. 'And you can't get it from me, or anyone in Sunset Valley. He... He wanted to let you study in his hometown after your graduation.'
'His hometown? Where's that?'

'It's called Moonlight Falls. He called it the Magical Land.'
Mia's jaw dropped. Then she laughed, but there was no joy in it.''Good one mom, I almost believed you for a second.' she chuckled. She grew silent when Felicity handed her the will.
It was all there. Her father's wish, the location and history of the Magical- of Moonlight Falls. And an address and a name.

'Do you want to go? I know you have been thinking about how you don't seem to fit in and I wouldn't want to disappoint you father but... ' Felicity fell silent when she saw her daughter's face.
Joy, surprise and just a tiny bit guilt shone through Mia's eyes as she asked;
'When do I leave?'

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Next: Chapter One: Things That Go Bump...
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