Digging Graves
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Finally, Cecilia had graduated from high school, and could leave her hometown of Moonlight Falls behind. The dominance of the supernaturals and Cerebrophage plague had taken its toll on her wistful nostalgia, to the point where she could no longer look on the old town with the same eyes as when she was a child, knowing of the dark underbelly that had been hidden from her by her parents.

They were supernatural hunters, stemming the tide of altered Sims by targeting the ones that most often preyed upon mortals. Of course, once the war was started, lines began to blur, and common foes among the supernaturals turned en mass against her parents. Good witches stood alongside the evil magi, while werewolves hunted with vampires. A great wizard led the offensive with the rest of the horde, destroying her parents' section of the Science Lab. They had no chance against the combined might of the supernaturals, and were burned alive with witchfire.

Cecilia heard later about what happened, having been sat alone at what should've been her eighteenth birthday celebration. She cried herself to sleep and locked herself in her house for what seemed like months. Finally, her resolve built to the point of dragging her out of bed, and making the call to move out of Moonlight Falls.

She would miss the beautiful alpine forests, the heady mists arising from the river, and the snug winters, playing among the crystalline boughs.

She vaguely remembered looking out her car window, and seeing pale yellow eyes creeping from the path behind her. Resting her head against the window, she fell asleep and let the cab take her to her new home.


Her flight arrived at the military airport of Sunset Valley. Here she would make her home in a beautiful, sunny town where it never snowed or grew cold. Warm beaches awaited on the shores, and a beautiful town square. She trusted now in the Bulwark of distance to keep the vengeful supernaturals at bay. Although they existed outside of Moonlight Falls, their numbers rarely reached critical mass when the corruption of power compounded itself.

She arrived at her new home, which she'd purchased with the funds left by her parents. There was little enough left when she arrived at the Monochrome house, taking in the sight with a tired smile. Night had fallen by the time she entered it's door. She swiftly found the bed, and then crept into it, sleeping the night and memories away.

She awoke later, receiving the oddest sensation. It felt almost as if some voyeuristic entity beyond the veil of sleep was watching her every move. she shrugged it off as she pushed off the bed.

Nevertheless, she got dressed directly afterward, unpacking clothes from her suit case. She checked herself out in the mirror, and nodded, satisfied.

She checked her phone, only to find it malfunctioning. She tried getting it to cooperate, and almost managed to get a text to send, but it simply shut down, no bars. "Damn it." Cecilia groaned, frowning as she stuffed the phone into her handbag. She'd have to find someone who could fix it.

Since setting out from Moonlight falls, she'd given a few thoughts to what she would do when she got to Sunset Valley. She'd always wanted to follow in her parents footsteps as scientists, or perhaps a doctor. Cecilia had a mind to go to the hospital to apply, but figured she had time to find a fix for her phone first.

She overheard a man among the crowd talking to his friend about the latest gismo. Maybe this one could help her, "Hey there, I couldn't help overhear you talking about the latest iSimple phone."

He gave her a sidelong glance and nodded, somewhat nonplussed. "Yeah, I was thinking of trading mine in for the new one. The last batch of adjustments I made to it didn't take."

Cecilia gave it a second thought, but supposed she had nothing to lose. There were probably few enough who could modify a phone let alone repair it. Besides, there was something about this kid that she liked, "Would you mind taking a look at my phone, it doesn't want to behave..." She flashed a coy smile.

"Well, alright," He took the phone from her. After fiddling with the screen for a few moments, he smiled wryly, "Well it looks like you just locked yourself into the options screen. That field you were trying to input messages into was your profile. You might want to take lessons in social networking before you do much more with your phone... Wouldn't want everyone knowing what you're saying to ZeroHr1984."

"Oh..." She felt somewhat crestfallen. "I'm not really as silly as I seem, I'm just a bit new to these kinds of phones. I come from a more rural area, where the most advanced form of communication is a telegraph."

"Hey that's fine." He said, "Maybe when you figure it out, you can shoot me a text."

"Thanks," She smiled brightly, "I'll do that."


After attending a class on social networking, she headed home now under cover of night. She still couldn't shake the feeling of being watched, but shrugged it off just the same. She looked up at the night sky, scored by bright stars and a great big moon. Hastened by the bad memories the sight of the moon illicited, her step picked up in pace, until she finally found her way back to her new house, where an ice cream truck was parked nearby. Taking the opportunity to fill her hunger need, she made an order for a cone.

Enjoying the raspberry dairy treat, she entered her house, locking the door and tucking herself into bed.


Later that night, Cecilia's slumber was disturbed by the sound of shuffling outside her window.

She thought to call the police, but knew they would take too long to respond. Suddenly filled with an anger that made her forget herself, she rushed out to shoo the voyeur. Her heart skipped a beat when she rounded the corner, to come face to face with a Cerebrophage.

From experience and foreknowledge, she knew they were rarely aggressive. They would attack if they got close, but otherwise were clumsy and dimly aware of their surroundings. She waved her arms to shoo it off, but thought better of calling out. Their senses were dull while in their zombified state, but the slightest sound could draw attentoin, which was something she didn't want to risk. So she ran back inside and locked the door, throwing a chair in front of it for good measure. There she hid in her room until the day came, when the Cerebrophages would come out of their half-dead stupor and shift into normal Sims again.


In the morning, after getting showered and dressed, Cecilia sent a text to the staffing manager of the Hospital. If there was a Cerebrophage outbreak, Cecilia wanted to be a part of the solution. She refused to hide any longer.

She sent it as a secret admirer text: Meet me at the Monochrome House. Come alone. I'm waiting with baited breath.

Her skill with the phone was still limited, and she didn't know how to conceal her number. A little while later, she received a phone call from the Manager, Geoffrey Landgraab. "Hello, who is this?"

"This is Cecilia Graves, Sir... I was just sending you a message so we could meet."

"To what end?..."

"Well... I was thinking if I gave you my leg up, you'd give me another leg up in the Hospital business."

Silence, then reluctant laughter. He answered obliquely, "Very well. I must attend a few things here first."

"Thank you sir, for the chance."


He arrived a little later. She didn't feel it was wrong what she was doing. There was little chance of her getting this job without some form of bribery, with no formal education the odds were stacked against her favor. But she would sacrifice a shred of integrity to help against the Cerebrophage menace.

"So we're agreed, a job at the Hospital?"

He nodded, "Yes, yes, but let me have a look at you..." He took her arms in his hands, his eyes roving up and down her conservatively dressed outfit, and imagining the body underneath. He smiled, "You're of age, yes?"

She nodded, choking on his words.

So they embraced. Despite herself, she felt chills down her back where he touched her that were not altogether unpleasant. After a few moments she embraced him back, and they kissed.

She took him by the hand as they broke away, and led him into the house and into her bedroom. It was her first time.

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