Pulse (UPDATED 12/31/14)
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I'm very excited to finally post this story. I've been trying to create it for months now. I love shows with supernatural storylines, but I also love shows with regular old drama =D. So I thought, why not combine the two!
I hope you guys enjoy it. Also, this is my first time writing so I'm learning as I go along (constructive criticism is welcome!).

About the story:
-I will try to post chapters at least once a month
-I don't want to write this like a book, so it will mostly be in comic book form (with some narratives here and there)
- I will rate this M. There will be blood, and some adult themes (no nudity!). So read at your own risk!

A story about a mysterious city hidden in the mountains. Carolina and her younger brother move back here to start over after a terrible tragedy.
They discover that this city is crawling with supernatural beings and a source of evil.
Taking place: September , 2013

Carolina Benston, 22 (born May 1991). Before her mother was murdered last summer, Lina was in a sorority..enjoying college life. Now she decided to move back to her hometown to start over with old friends.....and to help out her crazy little brother.

Alex Benston, 19 (born January 1994). Alex was there when his mother was murdered, but no one believed him when he said it was a vampire. Especially since he blacked out right after. Everyone thought he was crazy in his last town (including Carolina), but now he is planning to find out the real truth and prove everyone wrong.

Rika Matsuda, 26 (200) (born July 1813). A vampire who was turned in 1840. One night her village was attacked by a group of thieves. Her whole family was slaughtered and as she lay dying, a man named Joseph rescued her...by turning her.Since then she has been his loyal servant, doing everything he asked. Even if it means others get hurt.

JJ Reese, 25 (born January 1988).JJ transformed into a werewolf at a frat party when he was 18. He triggered the curse when he got into a fight that went horribly wrong. Since then he has been working to control it with his witch girlfriend. He is also worried about his younger sister, whose anger is getting worse and worse each day.

Naomi Woodsen, 25 (born August 1988). A very powerful witch who descends from the Salem witches. She uses her powers mainly for healing her patients (as a nurse) and to help her werewolf boyfriend keep things under control.

Darcy Reese, 20 (born March 1993). A drug addict, party girl with a bad attitude. Darcy knows she's a walking cliché, but she doesn't care. She's had her run ins with the law a few times, but that's the least of her worries. The REAL worries are her rage issues.

Chaz Trevnich, 28 (born December 1984). A wizard who was self taught. When he was a baby, his mother dropped him in front of an orphanage. Since he was ten he began to study alchemy and spell books (he did not fit in much at school). However, he left this all behind in his early twenties when a spell went wrong and killed his best friend. Now he teaches art at a shop downtown.

Fiona Edwards, 23 (born April 1990). A faerie who comes from a long line of very powerful faeries. Her parents were killed when she was thirteen, a few days after her transformation. She keeps her powers a secret from everyone. Which becomes a problem when she loses control of her powers.

Sade Bailey, 23 (born November 1989). A free spirit; never tying herself down. While all her friends went to college to get degrees, she partied . She tries to hide it ,but she is not very happy with her life.

Sarah Delacorte, 24 ( born January 1989). Last fall she was planning her wedding with her high school sweetheart, but things went downhill when he cheated on her on Christmas Eve. She has recently returned to Indigo Bay to catch up with her best friends and make the most out of her new life as a single woman.

Jasper Teo, 23 (born December 1989). A nerdy klutz who works at the comic book store. His only friend in town is..Sade (whom he had a fling with last summer, though she tries to deny it.). He too believes in the super natural, but it's not like anyone would ever take him seriously.

Mia Yumei, 22 ( born January 1991). Mia is an aspiring model who dropped out of college to pursue her dream. Her family cut her off, but she doesn't care because she is willing to prove them wrong. Her headaches and hallucinations, however, might stand in the way of that.

Raj Ortiz, 23 (February 1990). Raj triggered his curse when he was only ten years old. His father was an alcoholic who beat him, but one night Raj defended himself and ended up killing him. Since then he has honed his skills and has his curse under control. He hides in the shadows of Indigo Bay with his fugitive vampire boyfriend, waiting to attack the vampires that killed his wolf pack.

Shane Greggor, 23 (Turned July 2011 Born June 1990). Shane was a normal guy who hung out with is best friends (Sade, Sarah, Fiona and Mia), but that all changed when a vampire attacked him and turned him. He was held captive for a while by Joseph but broke free....never to return again. That is until now....Him and Raj have a plan.

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Next: Chapter one
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