Lonely Nights
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Clicking away Hinni was looking for a job to support her half of the rent. Her last job didn’t last long with Karlie. Having woohooing with with their co workers. Hinni was angry that Karlie kept her job but fired her; She couldn't let this bother her anymore than it already had.

Rubbing her eyes as she moved her black glasses off her face. Sighing as the stress and tiredness is start to kicked in. Hinni had been up for six hours now. And its almost dawn.
Suddenly there was an opening for a lifeguard. Hinni loves to swim and help others, this could be her chance to prove herself. Send in her resume.
Rei groaned as she slowly starts to wake up from a nightmare. She always have nightmare to the point that she doesn’t scream anymore and doesn’t even care anymore.

Hinni still typing away as Rei slowly rises up from her bed. Rei sighed as she looked over at Hinni. Her bestfriend. Nobody knows that she was a different type of 'woman'. And scared that they would blackmailed her or mock her for who she’s staring over at her lifting herself off the bed.
Rei: Damn Hin! Its too early to be on the computer since we’re on a budget plan.

Hinni stopped typing for a moment and looked over with a tiny smiled on her face.
Hinni: Sorry Rei.. But I was looking for a job to have and don’t have to let you or Kar to pick up the slack for me.

Standing up Rei looked up at the clock and than outside. CRAP! It was almost time for her to go to work. Son of a blue berry!

Rei slowly rubbed the side of her forehead as she had a small migraine forming. Making up the bed slowly,
Rei: Coming? Its my turn to make breakfast.

Hinni giggled as she turn off the computer pushes herself out of the chair to stretched.
Hinni: Great! I’m staving!

As they finally gotten downstairs, The Queen Bee was already ready and waiting for them. Rei rolled her eyes and process to cook breakfast. Karlie smacked her lips and glared at them
Karlie: Damn! I was waiting for ya losers to hurry the heck up.

Rei huffed. Hinni sighed and stand in front of her to talked and pointed at her.
Hinni: You could have just cook yourself something to eat since we don’t have cereals

Karlie: Oh please? Me cook? Are you out of your dumb mine Hinni. Whatever you smoking you need to stop smoking that stupid stuff.

Hinni frown and rolled her eyes.

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Next: Chapter Two
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