Pyremont (New Chapter 24 updated 19/10 2014)
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In the early 1800s there was a kingdom called Praaven. Peasents, knights and nobles would have their homes in this glorious land until a war would come and break all known rules. Our story takes place just right before this, and you will meet the nobles of House Pyremont who was just about to settle down in their new resident.

Lord Pettyr Pyremont and his Lady Marie Helene Pyremont of the House had been long lost love birds until Pettyr came back from his duties in the Kingdom and courted young Marie Helene at her childhood home. They would leave shortly after that and move into Praaven, which is the most important city in the region and a vital trading post on the edge of the kingdom. The city is split into five roughly defined districts, along with the Cathedral Quarter and the Castle. (Quote: Praaven Thread)
Chapter 1 - The Housemaid

Lord Pettyr Pyremont, a middleage well-known tradesman in the Kingdom of Praaven.

Lady Marie Helene had given Pettyr a son, who they had names Little Lord Arryn. One day, he would be the heir of their Family Name Pyremont and also inherit all of their riches and their big homestad.

They sat down together for a nice, quiet dinner. It was their first day in their new home at Praaven Kingdom. It was close to both St. Simians Chapel and the royal familys home, the large castle of Praaven.
"Isn't this nice, dear?" Pettyr asked his young wife. She nodded quietly and tried to get used to her new surroundings. She wasn't always fan for changes, but this house sure was impressive. Would she ever get used to this after living her whole life in The Vale of Stenstzik?

Lady Marie Helen looked out her windows. The neighbour house was empty and all lights were out. This sure seemed quiet. Every now and then she would see shadows from beyond her garden view, but maybe this was only just wild dogs running the streets at night? She thought and finally went to bed.

The nights would go by fast and Lord Pettyr and Lady Marie Helene would spend their free time in front of the fireplace in the masterbedroom. "Doesn't Arryn grow fast?" Pettyr asked his wife, but she looked confused. She hadn't noticed her child age at all, but she would spend most of her time by painting and not with her son, Arryn. There was plenty of time in this world, she thought.

The new housemaid, Clara Housen, just moved in to the resident. Her new life in Praaven could settle her some more opportunities, as her biggest dreams was to become a famous tailor. But for now, she would serve House Pyremont as well as she could.

Time went by real quick and by a glimpse of an eye, Little lord Arryn had grown to be a child. He was given the finest clothes and toys in the entire kingdom, and the center room in the large house. This room had a view of the quiet streets outside.

Lord Pettyr found himself starring at Clara The Maid too often. His wife didn't have any suspects yet, but Pettyr could not hold it any longer. One night, when everyone was asleep, he went to the cellar and woke poor Clara up. He could not resist her any longer. As a maid, of course, Clara had to give in to her lord despite her feelings not being the same for Pettyr.

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Next: Chapter 2 - A visit from the past
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