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Young Mortimer, Lost Boy. In reality he is misunderstood and to others he's been proven insane by his peers. No one understands him. At The early age of 10 unlike most little boys around the neighborhood you would find him waking up early just to see the sunrise and set. It was around 4:00 and his mother was getting worried about him.

Cornelia made her way into the mansion's living room where she caught her husband reading a book."Gunther was so predictable."She thought. She took a quick glance at the wall clock, It read 4:00. At around this time Gunther was going to the office building for a meeting he had scheduled. Cornelia unaware of his plans decided to mention Mortimer to him. But at the same time Gunther shut his book close and properly placed it in the bookshelf.

Cornelia knowing that he was probably in a rush grabbed him by the shoulder anyways as he tried to run out the house."Gunther may I have a word with you."Cornelia asked."Sure make it quick."Gunther replied. Even though it didn't show Gunther was very excited about this meeting. He and Nancy Landgraab were going to meet some people from out of town who wanted them to sponsor them on a new business venture. If all went well Doos Corporate Company will fund the mayor campaign and the construction to many new buildings and homes. It was all to upgrade Sunset Valley into a new modern city. It would attract new citizens and they will finally be placed on the map.

A distracted Gunther was snapped out of his day dream."I'm sorry Cornelia can we perhaps schedule this for another time."Gunther asked."What kind of man schedules a time to speak to his wife."Cornelia asked. Naturally she was use to Gunther's workaholic habits she understood that Gunther felt trap under his parent's inheritance. But really Gunther felt like he didn't accomplish anything in life so he felt it was best to prove as his neighbors and friends that he wasn't just a millionaire playboy. Things got out of hand and he was left confuse on whether he married Cornelia just to prove rumors wrong. But this time it concerned the mental health of their son. She couldn't stand for this."Forget it Gunther you can go to work."Cornelia said. With out a reply Gunther made his way out the mansion and into his car.

Gunther and Cornelia had hit a rough spot in the marriage and it seemed as if any day they were willing to call it quits. Cornelia who loved Gunther very much also gave her many sleepless nights wondering if the next day he will announce it, So she decided to stop all the arguing with him. Ignoring her fears Cornelia walked outside of the mansion and decided that this was a perfect time to bond with Mortimer, really try to connect with him to see what's been bothering him. She walked to the stone hedges and noticed him still staring into the blank."Hey Morty, do you wanna go visit aunt Agnes with me."Cornelia asked. Mortimer hesitated to answer."Yes mother, I want to visit Aunt Agnes."Mortimer replied. It shocked Cornelia a little bit there was no emotion in his voice, lately Mortimer has been really distant. It was only a month ago when Mortimer's teacher called, Cornelia thought it was a call cause of Mortimer misbehaving, or maybe he failed a course. But she was surprised that it was a call from a Concern Teacher saying that he is sorry he gave Mortimer an F in participation and group work. He just keeps to himself in class, looks out the window during group work, and the teacher even tried a way to adjust his classroom functions for Mortimer, mostly because he knew Mortimer had potential and he was his Star student. The teacher even suggested Therapy.

The last thing Cornelia wanted was Mortimer going through Therapy, his condition wasn't really that intense. Cornelia went back to the mansion and grabbed her keys. The two took a lovely ride around Sunset Valley, there were so many beautiful parts in the young town. They made a sharp turn to Agnes street and they finally arrived. Mortimer kept his face toward the window ignoring Cornelia. This worried her more, They finally get some alone time and he didn't want to say anything.

When Cornelia arrived she let herself in. She recently was given a spare key to the house but never really used it. She hadn't seen much of Agnes recently. She immediately took advantage of the time to look around the very noticeable renovations. Agnes had upgraded the homes theme from colonial to modern. The furniture and wall paint and floor was all seen on the Designer Homes recent cover magazine. Cornelia was impressed it was like she stepped into the magazine herself. The latest appliances, granite white counter tops with black wood counters. The fridge screen was a very good size and had many options. For months Cornelia had asked Gunther to renovate the house. But she always received the same reply on how it was tradition, and the house would remain the same way his parent's left it. So Cornelia had to work with outdated furniture and appliances.

Mesmerized Cornelia snap back into reality. She went upstairs to Agnes's room and found her watching TV she looked stress free going about her business despite her recent loss. Things seemed a little perfect, New car, huge renovations. Cornelia felt it was best to find out what's really going on she seemed to be doing well after for someone who so often claim they are in mourning.

"Agnes you aren't well, you should be resting."Cornelia said approaching her sister."What are you talking about I'm fine."Agnes replied."Agnes this must be some joke, when Erik died I thought you'd be lost without him."Cornelia said."Erik would had wanted me to move on, and besides his huge inheritance cheered me up."Agnes replied."Admit it, then you didn't love him."Cornelia said."Cornelia how could you, Accuse me your baby sister of being a golddiger I love Erik, his death was a shock to me more than you think, I didn't want the past to be dragging me down, I'm way to young for that, I want you to leave."Agnes yelled.

An angry Cornelia walked out the house grabbing Mortimer. To make matter's worse she found Mortimer at the exact spot she left him staring out the window. Stress just piled up right on top of her shoulders. Things started filling her head as she drove she tried to hold back tears. Her concern for Mortimer's mental health had really strained her marriage. And to make things worse her sister, her best friend was now very angry with her and kicked her out of her house. She was embarrassed. She felt as if she was the sane one in the family. She never imagined that this was her fate, She always wanted a big family, and to keep in touch with relatives. Her parent's were dead, her sister's husband died, and Gunther doesn't even wanna get into the subject of kids. She only had three family members left and all of them kept their distances even her husband kept to himself from her. Was their something wrong with her. She wanted to fix it badly maybe even family therapy including Agnes.

She finally reached the mansion and it was getting dark. Another night in the scary mansion. Cornelia realized how much she's changed her lifestyle for Gunther, She never imagine herself living in a less insane version of the Adam's family mansion. Cornelia was afraid of the mansion and often begged Gunther to paint over the wood. Then she would hear another family tradition lecture. What scared her more was the graveyard behind the house and the even bigger one right next to them. She begged and begged for Gunther to remove it but got another lecture on how it's tradition and how someday they will be buried there. Cornelia was so scared of the mansion she turned on all the lights when she knew she was coming home late and she wouldn't leave her bedroom after midnight.

Cornelia was in the bathroom brushing her teeth. She had just made dinner for Mortimer they both ate without saying a word to each other. Gunther didn't make it home early that night and she really didn't notice. She took advantage of the time to keep to her self. She had to admit sometimes she was a bit of a loner but she still enjoyed company of others. At that time Cornelia tried to figure out a solution to her strained marriage. She then started thinking how she would sometimes find herself jealous when Nancy comes over and starts to brag about one of her famous adventures with Gunther. Or how she happens to know everything before Gunther even told Cornelia or if he even got around to telling her.

Then Cornelia remembered how they were once promised to each other but that was way before she met Gunther. Heck Cornelia never even saw his parent's. She started to feel special. She remembered how Gunther choose her. Although Gunther was a few years older than Cornelia he's had a pretty long history. Gunther had been engaged three times, The first to Nancy but it ended after they realized that one of them would have to give up their last names. Nancy eventually married Geoffry who gave up his last name. While Gunther was in college a one night-stand gone bad Lolita Goth nagged him into marrying her and Gunther gave in and married her he soon fell for her anyways but she died. Lolita was such a blur to Gunther her last name never really came to the light. And his final engagement which ended up being his last was to Cornelia Goth, their marriage manage to stay for more than 11 years. At the same time Cornelia found herself smiling through the tooth paste and that's when Gunther walked in.

Cornelia immediately cornered Gunther at the door."I'm not asking you again, Gunther please talk to your son."Cornelia said. Gunther saw that he had no choice. He wasn't really in the mood, Nancy got into a heated argument with Vita Alto the person giving the lecture for the business venture when she mention the mayor campaign. Nancy had accused Vita of trying to gain to much power over Sunset Valley. Gunther thought it was a good idea since they hadn't had a mayor since his father died and he was the mayor."Fine where is he."Gunther asked."He's upstairs in the attic."Cornelia responded

Mortimer over heard his parent's and decided to avoid the confrontation. So he decided to walk upstairs to the balcony. No one understood what was really going on with him. There was nothing wrong with him.

Gunther saw him heading upstairs. He started feeling sorry for Mortimer, why was he trying to avoid his own father. Had he did something wrong to upset him, was it the lack of time he had spent with him. Or was it payback when he felt that Gunther was trying to avoid him. Gunther was now more concerned. When he finally reached upstairs to the balcony he was caught of guard when he took a view at the town. If there was a telescope up here Sunset Valley would have no secrets you can see everything from up where they were now the question he longed to ask his parent's but never got the chance to get a reply was why they build their house here. It was cause of the Pleasant View places that were so faraway to walk to were so close even the beach looked as if you can touch it. Gunther thought. This was truly a Pleasant View TO BE CONTINUED

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