No Remorse For the Wicked
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Darkness. Infinite darkness surrounding me...Then all of the sudden…

Where am I? This … This place seems like a field. Yep, it’s a field alright, but on Earth am I doing here? I might as well have a look round.

Good. A city. I hope it’s not as far as it seems. Either way, I have to get there somehow. I see a road but no cars…. Even if there were I’m not sure anybody would have the courage to stop and help me – they’d probably take me for one of those people who rob drivers on abandoned roads in the middle of nowhere, even though I’m dressed quite formally. And going down that slope is out of the question – I could easily break my neck even without those stilettos. I do hope there’s a perfectly logical explanation as to why I wake up in the middle of a field wearing an evening dress and high heels. A dirty evening dress, that is.

What have I been doing last night? Hmm, that’s weird I can’t seem to recollect anything… at all. Not even for the week before… I… I must’ve fallen and bumped my head… yeah, that must be it – plus, it could explain my awful headache, the dirt on my dress… but it will all come back to me in a while… right? Anyway, no time to ponder over that right now. Better get going. Let’s see… nope, no roads in sight…Oh, well, guess I’ll be stick with walking. It can’t be that far.

- It’s all done, sir.
- All done you say? Excellent!

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Next: No Remorse For the Wicked Ch.1
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