Homeless in Sunset Valley
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This story is from a challenge I am doing, the homeless challenge which you can read about Here.



Romany was fairly certain that noone visited the dilapidated park anymore. She had been watching it for a couple of days. There was no way she could continue living in the old warehouse in Twinbrook, not after what Seth had done to her. She raised her hand to her face absentmindedly. She knew that if she crossed his path again, she would not get away a second time. Being homeless was rough. There was no room for compassion and plenty of room for agressive territorial behaviour. Seth hadn't been pleased to discover Romany on 'his turf' and after giving her a hiding, he left her a parting gift to make sure she didnt try it again.

With a scar like the one Romany now had, she knew noone would employ her. She would have to carry on living on the streets, doing what she could to survive.

As she stood by the pungent garbage cans at the enterance to the park, she quickly decided that the park would be a good place to sleep, at least for the night. It was so overgrown with brambles and shrubs, she doubted even if anyone did come by, that they would spot her. Pushing through the overgrown undergrowth, she discovered a little worn bench, below a large, creepy, dead looking tree. To the left there was even a little pond. Romany was a bit of an angler, thanks to her Dad. He had taught her the basics of fishing shortly before he died. When Romany still had a home.

Feeling her tummy protesting, as it often did, Romany quickly put her skill to good use. Whipping out her home made fishing rod, her prized and only possession bar the clothes on her back, she skillfully cast her rod. Within the hour she had landed a Minnow, whom she affectionately named Norman. Poor Norman, he would be lining her stomach before the day was out...once she found somewhere to cook him of course.

Now that Romany had a place to sleep for the night, she figured there was no time like the present to suss out the neighbourhood. A park that was actually used was always a good place to start. Opposite her park there was a map of the town. She quickly located Central Park. A nice day like today, there would be plenty of people down there surely. People meant food and possibly money. Romany had become a bit of an old hand at mooching.

Taking a mental note of the way, she set off to Central Park. Many people stopped to stare at her along the way. It was hard not to be self counscious with such a large, badly healed scar on her face, but she had begun to get used to it. Once upon a time people had looked at her because she was beautiful. But Romany knew better than most that nothing in life lasts forever.

Turning into Central Park, Romany was pleased to see that she was right, there were many people visiting. Skimming over them all, she settled on a plump, well cared for looking lady. She would likely have a few simoleons on her.

The lady's name was Dorie and she was actually very approachable. After a small amount of small talk, Romany was able to extract one whole simolean from her. It wasnt exactly going to feed Romany for a week, but it was a good start. Perhaps if the people of Sunset Valley were friendly enough, Romany might be able to save some money...buy a lot of her very own. That was her life time wish. Well that and borrowing $50000 worth of goods from friends. Romany was a bit of a kleptomaniac. Survival of the fittest...it had to be done.

Moving on from Dorie, (Romany had learned it was best to hit people for simoleans sparingly), she got chatting to a well fed looking man called jack.

Once again Romany was delighted to find that Jack was very friendly and after a mutual discussion of their love of the outdoors, he also gave Romany a simolean. By this time though, Romany could feel her stomach really protesting and said a quick goodbye to Jack before going off in search of somewhere to cook Norman. A quick wander around the park led her to the picnic area. It was empty, but on one bench some untidy person had not cleaned up their left overs from their lunch. Never mind cooking Norman, there was rich pickings for Romany to be had!

Feeling much more confortable, after a delicious half eaten hotdog and a slurp of a juice carton, Romany decided she was probably outstaying her welcome at the park. Someone with a face like hers was easily memorable and she did not want to be made known to the local police force. She had really taken to Sunset Valley and hoped it would be home for her, for sometime to come. She set off for her own park, as she was fast coming to think of it.

Along the way, she was passing a house nearby, when she spotted its resident throwing some items away in the trash. Some of it looked practically new! It never failed to amaze, and disgust Romany, that people could throw out perfect good objects. People were so wasteful! She waited until the coast was clear and set to saving the items.

Just as she thought, the resident had thrown away some very good stuff! A worthington stuffed teddy, almost brand new! A tomato, in great condition. It would go well with Norman later on. An old newspaper, which would keep her warm tonight..and plenty of dirt. She would have to find a shower tomorrow, perhaps there was a local gym. As it was, Romany was feeling very tired. She set off for her park once more.

She was nearly there when she noticed a local pawn shop. Very handy that would be. Any treasures from raiding the trash could be pawned in there. She nipped in and came away $50 richer, for the pawning of the worthington teddy! That really would feed her for a week, but she decided she would try to tuck it away, towards buying her own lot one day. She might be a dirty street urchin, but she had her dreams, if nothing else.

Feeling very pleased with herself, she crept through the bushes to the bench in her park, laid down on it, thankful it was quite a warm night and settled off to sleep, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

She hoped she wouldnt have her usual nightmares tonight. She tried so hard not to think of her dad, or of Seth, but when sleeping, there was no control. Maybe one day she could let go of the suspicious death of her father, but not today.

For the reader, can you work out what Romany's traits are, bearing in mind one of them had to be Unlucky? :D

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Next: Chapter Two - The Dream
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