The Last Thing On My Mind
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Gerard: Ah, Miss Cristay! Welcome!
Miss Cristay: Hey Gerard, hope your day is going well

Gerard: It has been pleasant indeed, how about yours?
Miss Cristay: So far so good
Gerard: Very well, I must go set the table, Mr.Blue should be down soon

Mr.Blue: Sonia! Glad you could make it!

Miss Cristay: Mr.Blue, thank you for the invite. I have a few papers in the car about some business suggestions for the town, would you like me to get them?

Mr.Blue: Sonia! Leave those papers where they are, today we're having lunch. You can be a workaholic some other time

Miss Cristay: Hehe, alright!
Mr.Blue: Now c'mon, Gerard's Tri-tip steak is amazing!

Miss Cristay: Mmmm it smells really good here Gerard!
Gerard: And I bet you will find it tastes just as good Miss

Mr.Blue: That is a guaranteed win Gerard! Now tell me Sonia, how did you settle in so far?

Miss Cristay: Well, it's a nice town and the house the company provided is great, but I can't stop wondering Mr.Blue, why are we here?

Mr.Blue: Well if you mean Gerard, he's here because he is under my employment managing any house I occupy and doesn't mind frequent traveling

Mr.Blue: And you are here because I picked you out of all managers at Blue Phoenix Corporations and Industries that volunteered to come here with me to manage our operations in this town

Mr.Blue: As for me, I'm here because I want to, or is that not good enough a reason?

Miss Cristay: No, no, it is more than good. But I was wondering why this town? We have no established businesses and the town isn't exactly an investing dream

Mr.Blue: I said no business related discussion today Sonia!
Miss Cristay: Right, right, my bad. I won't bring it up again

Mr.Blue: Good! And if you're worried about not having enough work to do, don't

Mr.Blue: I already have a few ideas for what we will do here

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Next: Chapter 2 - Steam Drill
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