The Craine Family Drama: Part 10 (Updated Better)
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[This story revolves around the Craine family's fraternal triplets and their friends. They all live in a mansion together, and get along peacefully...Except for one particular sim who's family had died and was taken in by The Craine family. She's out to destroy the siblings one by one to inherit the Craine family fortune.

This is Alexzandria Craine. She is a very kind-hearted model and singer. She is gifted at dancing and playing the piano. She is currently in relationship with Chase Marlo.

This is Anthony Craine. Though he's a super intelligent genius, this wizard is a nice good-hearted sim, just like his sisters. Anthony also plays the drums, and was in a band at one point. He is in a relationship with Christopher Ferrari.

This Is Ashleigh Craine. (pronounced Ash-Lay) If you'd define nice, friendly, kind-hearted, etc. in the dictionary, she would be in it! An eco-friendly fairy, Ashleigh loves gardening and is a surprisingly incredible bartender. She is a bookworm and plays the violin and bass.

This is Chase Marlo. A vehicle lover, this all-Simerican genie is a former firefighter and is a jock. He's friendly and athletic.

This is Christopher Ferrari. This werewolf is a very athletic jock, who loves sports and is very protective of the ones he cares about. He is also a gifted singer and guitarist.

This is Kyle Marlo. A fae that is a beach loving Broseph. Kyle suffers from a mild form of autism; which means he's also very childlike, and afraid of fearful situations such as the dark. He is the younger brother of Chase Marlo.

This is Sidney. She is a witch who you'd describe as good-hearted but also mean-spirited. She is extremely athletic master martial artist who loves winning fights, (Never lost one) and is a no dress wearing tom girl. Sidney also is a well-rounded sim; meaning she thrives in mastering anything she wants, and does it very quickly.

This is Madison. What can say about Madison in a PG 13 way? Well she has an ego as big as her breasts. She is an all-about-her-self type diva and a professional homewrecking extraordinaire. (At one point she had an affair with a married man, then cheated on him, with his grandmother!)

We start the first chapter with Sidney and Madison in argument.


Sidney: "Llama Girl, what are you twelve? This coming from trash like you?"

Madison: "I AM NOT TRASH!!! BITCH!!!"

Oops, Madison shouldn't have slapped her! We'll return when this fight ends; which shouldn't take that long.

Madison: "OHH MY BACK!!!"


After some aspirin, a mad Madison went outside.
As Madison stood outside smoking a cigarette, an alien from space appeared.

Madison: "OH MY GOSH!!! WHAT IS THAT!?"

Alien: "It is a special thing we aliens use to meet new sims."

Madison: "AHHEEE!!!!"

Alien: "Hey turn around!"

Alien: "It's just a rubber duckling."

Madison: "You dumb alien! You have some nerve scaring me like that!"

Alien: "Whoa calm down it was just a...Who is that?"

Alien: "I have found her, I have found my queen!" And this time, I'll be sure to use my telepathy to control her mind so she won't be able to resist. "Hey you, Earth girl..."

Alien: "Earth woman, you are now my queen!" You will obey and love me."

Oh no! Sidney's mind is being hijacked by an alien! What will happen next?! Stay tuned to The Craine Family Drama to find out!

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