Fae Gothical Barbie

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Uploaded 22nd Jan 2006 at 8:27 PM · Updated 21st Feb 2006 at 7:25 AM by funkeymonkey22003 : Serasims is back on line

In my quest to find the perfect Nordical, Gothical Barbie, I somehow managed
to make a favorite of mine, hope you like her.

And the Credits go to:

http://www.helaene.com : for the eyes, Skin tone, and brows -Included

http://louis.new21.net : for the lips and Hair Mesh - Lips included hair Mesh not.

http://www.sussissogoodsims2.com : for the blusher we all love soo much.

http://tuuliaproductions.net : for my favorite eyeshadow

This is my first scarey upload, my nerves are finished, Please let me know
if I've done anything wrong.

Hope you like her.
Oh her pink textured hair was from Serasims.de, they are closed buy Louis
hair is just the same, just no pink.
And she comes in a Maxis outfit because the black dress is from Neptune Suzy TSR.

EDIT: NB SERASIMS IS BACK ON LINE :http://www.serasims.de.vu/