Zombie Widow

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Uploaded 11th Feb 2006 at 1:46 PM

First, I'd like to say this sim wasn't supposed to be uploaded, I made it for fun, so it's not really the best sim on the net or whatelse XD
The sorrowful widow is someway a common gothic character, but this sim is not based on a real character from a novel or movie etc.

...Ok, I'm not good in introduction or neither to tell good gothic stories éè so let's go to the custom content list..

* Eyebrows by Barcelonista
* Lips by SeraSims (actually closed), recolored by me
* Bloody tears, Eyes, Blush and Eyeliner by me

* Dress, by All About Style
* Hair, by Cevic
* Veil, by Peggy Sims (pay item)
* Skintone, by me, I didn't included it to make the download less heavier; if you want the Zombie Widow to look like mine, you should download my default replacements skintones, on StarSims.

You can't redistribuite this sim, you can't pass it as your own, and all that blah blah creators always says :D
BTW, you can use my custom content to make your own sims but you must give me a credit linking back to StarSims.

PICS (finally)

Hope you'll like & enjoy this
have a nice day!