Traditional Filipino Costume: Barong Tagalog

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Uploaded 18th Feb 2006 at 9:47 AM

After making many Harry Potter themed clothings, I decided to show you guys my country's tradtional dress for men.

The "Barong Tagalog" is what men wear in many occasions such as weddings, baptismals and other formal events. The fabric is made from Piña (pineapple) fibers or sometimes Jusi. The female counterpart of "Barong" is the "Baro at Saya" which is literally blouse and dress.

Enough of the background then, this one is for adult males. You need EP1 (Uni) for this to show up. I hope you like my newest download!

About the screen shot: Well, the collar was supposed to be a Chinese collar, but since I used the "uptight turtle neck" as a base, you'll still see that part, but it still looks good.

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