3 teen female skirts, series "Colored Threads"

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Gender & Age group: Female Teen
Clothes group: Everyday, Bottom
Filenames & creation dates:
tk_ft_mini_bunte_faeden_blau.package, 2005-01-22, 14:55
tk_ft_mini_bunte_faeden_gelb.package, 2005-01-22, 15:11
tk_ft_mini_bunte_faeden_rot.package, 2005-01-22, 15:22
Created & posted by: CtfG
Mesh: Standard Maxi's mesh

While playing around with my graphics software more than a year ago, I discovered some effects which I tried on teen mini skirts in BodyShop. The effect was - at least to me - great, and the new skirts added some color to the otherwise very dark and - again to me - boring skirts that came with the game. Today, after working my way through +50 pages here, I decided to upload them to give back a bit.

The skirts were created originally just for me, then I posted them on my own website which is in german. So I saw no need to rename the files. If the files are to be renamed to match certain specific languages, here's some translation help:

- bunte_faeden_blau = colored_threads_blue
- bunte_faeden_gelb = colored_threads_yellow
- bunte_faeden_rot = colored_threads_red

Simply replace the german words with the english ones given above.

The files should be renamed BEFORE they are used ingame, otherwise your sims might lose their clothing. That's why I can't rename them: I use them on some of my female teens.

I hope you enjoy them

Best to you all from CtfG

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