Tony Marino aka Joe Reitano - my avatar hunk.

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Uploaded 1st Mar 2006 at 8:43 PM · Updated 5th Mar 2006 at 11:35 AM by Ailias

My avatar Hunk - Tony Marino aka Joe Reitano

(here are some hair you can use for him)

Finally my avatar hunk could be settled down in your neighbourhoods!
He will be one of the most sexiest and handsome males you have in the game.
Tony Marino aka Joe Reitano - is a XXX actor and PlayGirl model.

This Sim is packaged with some custom content:

- His skintone and eyes are made by Barcelonista
Links - eyes -
Wonderful unique medium skintone here -
Eyes are included in the package.
Skintone is INCLUDED!

- Tony's beautymark and lashes are by Helaene ("natural lashes", beautymark # 5)
They can be found here
They are included on this Sim.

- Tony's brows are from SimsGOGOGO -Included Yahoo group

- Lips - RosesSims2 - (included)

- Hair is a custom raven look recolor of hair recolor.
It is INCLUDED in the package.

Hope your females will love him much!