Hideki from Chobits

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Name: Hideki Motosuwa
Age: 18
Gender: Male
IQ: low
Chobits centers around the life of eighteen-year-old Hideki Motosuwa, a repeat student ("ronin") attempting to get into university by studying at Seki cram school. An honest and unassuming teenager raised on a farm, he has little experience with women, though his imagination and libido are both quite active. Besides a girlfriend, the other thing he dreams of having is a persocom (Personal computer), a computer designed to look and act like a human. In the city where he studies for university, Hideki discovers that persocoms are commonplace. But persocoms are expensive and Hideki has no money, so he figures the only way he'll ever have one is if he were to find one lying on the curb. Japanese anime being extreemly litterial, he infact then dumpster dives the second main character, Chii.

Hideki's school backpackis compliments of boblishman

all other Content from the game and myself.