Thunder bolts with cloud Thermal, jeans with embrodery on them

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Uploaded 3rd Jul 2006 at 4:02 AM · Updated 4th Jul 2006 at 1:04 PM by angelkitten056

Basicly, enjoy this

.... but since i use Sim Chic Mesh, if your not a suscriber then it is hard to get. I would include the mesh, but i do not know how to do this, so i am linking people who want to download the outfit but who dont have the mesh to a link were other great creators who do include the mesh.

So...the first link is really where the Mesh comes from, if your going to suscribe or have, goody. Btw, [B]you will want to get the mesh called MESH_SimChicFullBodyWideLeg5-05-05[B/]
The second link is a site that does include the mesh. Go to female couture, the 6th outfit will have it. (if the number changes because of an update, know that i am talking about the outfit with a fish-type-reptile on the front of a dark blue t shirt)

I hope this sorts out any problems