Teleporter shrub and painting

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Uploaded 6th Sep 2006 at 12:13 PM · Updated 4th Dec 2006 at 1:26 PM by jordi : Pets compatibility note

Two teleporter items with additional functions.
This version also allows you to turn Sims into downtownies.

Select a Sim by family and then first name (all townies are in one family, as are all downtownies, and all service NPCs): the Sim will appear near the object and act as a visitor.

You can also click on the shrub to move in any visitor, or make any playable Sim a townie or downtownie.

Warning: do not summon any of the following:
-Social Worker
-Social Bunny
These Sims are not intended to be interacted with, and doing so may cause game corruption.

The painting appears under decorative - paintings, and is also available for sale on community lots. The shrub appears under shrubs.

Objects originally by Inge at, modified by Torkle and then by me. Reposted with permission: "All contents are free to clone or to dissemble to use in other people's work, provided they are not wholly or partly the work of another author."

Re-licensed under the same conditions, although if you further modify these based on my work I appreciate a credit.

TPP = Teleporter Painting Plus
TSP = Teleporter Shrub Plus
Both can be used without problems.

Pets compatibility
After some extensive testing I am certain these teleporters are compatible with Pets: they do not cause any errors. However, you cannot teleport Pets with them.
The slowdown reported by some people is probably a result of the increased number of characters: installing Pets adds about 90 character files to any neighbourhood, and the teleporter has to scan them all to find Sims to teleport.

Teleporting of dogs and cats, and moving them in, making them strays, or putting them up for adoption is planned for a future version.

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