European House - Request

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This is a request by tinkbell2005, the thread can be found here:

It was a real challenge to do well and took me over a week to do. Whew a lot of work! It is this house found here: and here is a pic to compare them:

Hahah, roofing this thing was such a pain I actually went out and bought OFB for the octagonal roofing! Some neat building stuff in there for sure, though is it just me or is that stage thingy glitchy/bugged?

This is a huge 2 story european style mansion on a foundation, with a separate 4 car garage, a swimming pool, a pool in the foyer, brain space/student retreat and the most gigantor bathroom I have ever built. It has only 3 bedrooms, but it's got many many other odd rooms (like his and hers walk in closets and the student space) which could be converted to extra bedrooms if needed. It's got a "Grand Bath", plus 5 other bathrooms that I built, and there is supposed to be two more over in the student/office space that I didn't build (LOL, I see this designer shares my obsession for many bathrooms). Plus: library, dining hall, family hall, a grand foyer, media room, games room, etc.

While I stuck as close to the actual floor plan as I could with non-diagonal stairs and non-circular staircases, some rooms Sims just don't need (like giant pantries and laundry rooms) so I just adapted the space for something else, like a bathroom! This house is partially furnished, using all maxi's stuff. I have up to Open For Business installed, so you should have up to this EP to install the lot. It's on a 6x6 lot, and sells for 200,000+ Simoleons. (I forgot to check so I will edit it in later)

Custom content:
Part of the challenge was to do it with no custom content besides walls etc, so that's what I have done (haha more or less). This has been scanned with Sims2 Clean Installer and contains no hacks. It contains the following custom content:

-2 Chimney recolors by the Ililas. "Stucblanconcasse" and "Pierreblancheassemble". These can be found at her site, Sea Sims and Sun:
-Clear transparent floor tile by RGiles, found here:
-a recolor of the maxis teal check floor, made whiter to go with decor by me.

Exterior Frontx2
Exterior Backx2
Floorplan shot per level, labelled.
Closeup of "The Grand Bath"
Foyer/Entrance, walls down.

Notes: The roof particularly took a lot of work, both the sunrooms and many of the dormers, the brain space room, and the piece that juts out over the doorway are actually built over more than one elevation (and the 4th level is actually several separated pieces of several varying elevations) in order to get that effect. If you make any changes, please be careful of elevations!

I have not play tested this yet, so if there are any problems or any areas that your sims won't go to, please let me know so I can adjust or help fix. I think it should be ok though. This is the first time I have placed driveways sideways, so I am not sure how that will work.

Ok, enjoy! And thanks to Tink for sending out this challenge! It was great fun!