Gain creativity skill points extremely fast with Magic Easel - Update SSN info

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Uploaded 30th Sep 2006 at 11:21 PM · Updated 1st Apr 2008 at 10:51 AM by CtfG : Update FREETIME info

- Extremely fast skill gain (approx. four times faster)
- Higher sale prices for paintings
- Does not overwrite the behaviour of Maxis' standard easel
- Different color (dark red-brown), so it can be separated from standard easel
- Available in Buy mode: Hobbies - Creativity (costs 8,500, but it's worth the price)
- GUID registered with SimPE to avoid conflicts with other SimPE-registered mods / hacks.

Needed files:
1. CtfG_MagicEasel_v0.1.package
2. CtfG_MagicEasel_Painting_v0.1.package
(both included in zip file)

Important note: Both files are needed for the Magic Easel to work. #1 contains the easel itself, #2 creates the painting and does the controlling, like "Continue painting", "Sell" etc. If you should skip file #2, the easel will not work since both packages exchange data.

Installation / Uninstallation:
- to install, simply extract both files from the zip into your Downloads folder in "My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2".
- to uninstall, remove or delete both files.

Update 2006-10-03:
Fixed the problem that the painting became unselectable after painting was interrupted. Reported by LadyMarisa (post #18) and solved by Smonaff (post #20). If you have only TS2 or Uni installed, please re-download the zip and re-install. Sorry for the inconvinience, and thanks to Smonaff for the solution.

Update 2006-10-25:
The problem with objects not showing up in the base game is cleared. Please read more about this in this thread, post #23.

Update 2006-11-02
Pets-compliant: Yes. No further modifications necessary.

Update 2007-03-29
All Magic items work with SEASONS.

Update 2008-04-01
This object is outdated by EP7 "FreeTime" and no longer supported. For further details, please check:

Conditions & Disclaimer:

This object and all related files are given to the community "as is". During my tests, no problems showed up. However, I cannot guarantee that all functions will work under all circumstances and/or on all computers. Use all files and mod-options at your own risk!

This object shall not be re-posted to any other site. It is (and shall be) available ONLY through If you downloaded this zip-file or any of its contents from any other site, please inform me by sending a private message to CtfG on modthesims2. Thank you.

Feel free to recolor this object and post any recolor to modthesims2, but please include a link to the original object you recolored. Every modder likes to take at least some credits for his/her work, and pretending that you created this mod from scratch will be very bad for your reputation and karma, and it will also have a negative affect on your christmas gifts. Guaranteed.

Have fun with this mod!

CtfG (on MTS2)

Listing of my Magic Skill objects:
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Magic Mirror (Charisma):
Magic Investigator (Cleanness):
Magic Candy Factory (Cooking):
Magic Easel (Creativity):
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