Age Duration Resetter

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Uploaded 11th Oct 2006 at 11:54 AM · Updated 2nd Apr 2008 at 12:53 PM by CtfG : Update BV & FREETIME info

When changing a sim's age group through a cheat or cheat object like SimModder, the sim will age, though the remaining days in the new age group will not change. They remain the same as they were in the former age group. So if you cheat an adult into a child, the child will have 29 days to live in this age. The Age Duration Resetter fixes this for all age groups. So with this object installed, there is no more need to save the game, exit it, start SimPE, fix the remaining days manually and re-start the game.

Note: I know that there are a lot of hacks / objects out there which allow to change the age group, but as far as I have seen and read, none of them corrects the amount of days for the new age group. If despite all my checkings here on MTS2 such a hack should already exist, please post the link here so I can check for myself and, if necessary, pull back this hack. Thank you.

This object hack requires only the original game, but will (hopefully!) work with all EP's.

- Reset Age Duration:
When used, the object corrects the total days for the actual age group and sets it to: 4 days for
toddlers, 8 days for children, 15 days for teenagers and 29 days for adults. Elders and Young
Adults are not changeable through this hack; the remaining days of elders is determined by their
mood when they age into elder, and young adults only exist on the university campus where their
age is measured in semester hours. I didn't want to mess with that
- Age me to...
This converts the active sim to the selected new age group. Simultaneously, the age duration will
be reset to the standard value of the new age group, so the player hasn't to do this manually.
"New" children and teenagers will be registered to public school automatically, but their school
grades will not be touched. To modify these grades, I recommend Merola's Multi-Function
painting or "The InSiminater".
- Show Secondary Skills & Stats
Please read paragraph "Update 2006-11-06" for details

Known problems:
After changing the age group, TS2 needs a few seconds to register all new values. Please allow the program a few moments before you change the age of the active sim a second / third / n-th time. When selecting an age group brings you immediately back to the main selection, just wait a moment before you try it again.

Uses its own registered GUID, so there should be no conflicts with other mods / hacks.

Installation / Uninstallation:
- To install, extract the file CtfG_ResetAgeDuration.package into: "My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads " and start the game. The object is available in Buy mode, category Decorative / Sculpture. It's the orange flamingo with an asterisk.
- To uninstall, simply delete or remove the above file from your Downloads folder.

Update 2006-10-28:
I re-created this object to make it base game compliant. If you have only the base game TS2 with no EP's installed and you want to test this object, please be so kind to post any results here. This will help me to identify problems which I couldn't detect because I have EP's installed. Thank you.

Update 2006-11-02
Pets-compliant: Yes. No further modifications necessary.

Update 2006-11-06:
As requested in another thread (, post #13), I added the function "Show Secondary Skills & Stats" to this object. This function is part of the next update of my TeenStar PC, but since this PC is only useable by teens and children, the new function makes more sense here. It is accessable for all age groups from toddlers to elders, and also for cats and dogs (one never knows what it might be good for). If additional skills / stats should be displayed, please request here, and I'll add them as soon as possible (see screenshot #7 for a display as it is now). The action is immediate, which means it can be executed without interrupting / ending a running interaction.

Update 2007-03-29
This hack works with SEASONS. No modifications necessary.

Update 2007-04-24:
It seems that under certain circumstances AND with Free Will turned ON on a lot, that the Age Resetter was sometimes used autonomously by family members, resulting in some mysterious aging. This is fixed now. Please re-download if you ran into this kind of problem after installing this object. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Update 2008-04-02
This object works with EP6 BonVoyage and EP7 FreeTime. No changes necessary.
The functionality, though, is now also implemented in the "TeenStar PC" (new name: PC Omega 3000), so if you use the PC also, you can remove this object from your downloads folder.


Conditions & Disclaimer:

This object and all related files are given to the community "as is". During my tests, no problems showed up. However, I cannot guarantee that all functions will work under all circumstances and/or on all computers. Use all files and mod-options at your own risk!

This object shall not be re-posted to any other site. It is (and shall be) available ONLY through If you downloaded this zip-file or any of its contents from any other site, please inform me by sending a private message to CtfG on modthesims2. Thank you.

Feel free to recolor this object and post any recolor to modthesims2, but please include a link to the original object you recolored. Every modder likes to take at least some credits for his/her work, and pretending that you created this mod from scratch will be very bad for your reputation and karma, and it will also have a negative affect on your christmas gifts. Guaranteed.

Have fun with this mod!

CtfG (on MTS2)

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