Single living teens can Go out / Sneak out - Update BV info

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Uploaded 26th Oct 2006 at 3:45 PM · Updated 1st Apr 2008 at 11:17 AM by CtfG : Update FREETIME info

This small hack enables single living teens to Go out (available from 6pm to 10 pm) and to Sneak out (available from 10pm to 12am). The hack should work with all game versions. If not, I'll surely hear about it very soon

- Single living teens or teens without guardians can make appointments to Go out / Sneak out
- Time range for Go out and Sneak out as usual
- Teens with guardians (parents and other nuisances) still need to "Ask for Persmission to Go out"
- Wants "Go out with..." and "Sneak out with..." are still satisfied
- Overwrites an ingame function, but will (hopefully!) have no other effect than described here

File(s) in ZIP:
1. CtfG_SoloTeensGoOut.package

Installation / Uninstallation:
To install, simply extract the file(s) into your Downloads folder in "My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2".
To uninstall, remove or delete the file.

Known problems:
1. Teens and non-family adults living together may lead to "Go out" option not appearing at 6pm to 10pm. Please read "Which version do I need?"

Update 2006-10-30
I wrote an alternate hack named "CtfG_DontAskForPermission" because my version for single living teens does not work properly when a teen lives together with a non-related adult. In this case, the option to Go out simply will not appear when using the phone. This hack is an alternative and does not work together with the hack for single living teens! Also, this hack prevents teens who live with their parents from having to ask for permission, so please decide for yourself which version you need.

Which version do I need?
- If you have a neighborhood with only single living teens and teens who live with their parents, use the file "".
- If there are teens in your neighborhood who live together with non-related adults (friends, lovers, spouses etc.), use the file "".
- Update: If you have PETS installed, use one of the files ending on "".

Update 2006-11-02
Pets-compliant: No. Though "Go out" and "Sneak out" appear in the phone's pie menu, selecting these will result in "Crank call". Will be fixed when the new SimPE is out.

Update 2006-11-03
Both versions are now ready for EP4-Pets. Single living teens may go out / sneak out again

Update 2007-03-30
Pets version runs without any problem with SSN, so there is no need to modify or update it.

Update 2008-01-08
The PETS version also works with BV. If you do NOT have Pets or Seasons, but Bon Voyage, please use the Pets version. Or, in general: Always use the version of the latest Extension Pack you have installed.


Update 2008-04-01
This object works with EP7 "FreeTime". No changes necessary. Please use the PETS version for FreeTime.

Vironin (successor of CtfG)

Have fun!


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