9865 Straiagent Lane

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This is my first house I'm putting up for general use, furnised and all; and I'm rather very happy with it.

Most objects come from the original game itself, because I didn't want a huge link list. There are however, a few of them:

The windows featured are both from The Eclectic Expressions Set by macarossi . I used the 1 tile and the two tile windows.

Included Custom Content:
Savana Wall: from http://www.wallsims.net/index.php
Samsung TV (renamed for my own purposes, but the same): http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=174042

This house is on a 2 x 3 lot and will cost you and your sim(s) §87,471.

Thank you and enjoy. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Tags: #lots, #over 20k, #suburban