Four sweater mesh tops, one size each A, Bd, Ce, and De (CAF4)

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Uploaded 14th Dec 2006 at 6:05 AM

Another groundwork set. As I'm sure you're at least half expecting, pending followups-- which will also be tagged with CAF4-- will involve other things useful in conjunction.

While the current plan is to generate bikinis-- an excuse to provide a way for you to to get your hands on the raw underlying textures yourself-- that shouldn't take long. (Apart from kicking the bits into my phone line.) Hence, any suggestions as to what (if anything) folk would find most immediately useful after that would be welcome. (No guarantees, of course, but hey-- are there ever?)

Please do not upload this stuff or anything derived from it to pay sites.

Tags: #Warlokk, #LBG, #CAF4