Hanukkah Dress

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OKAY! SO! I promissed a dress for Hanukkah an! Here it is! I love this one it's my favorite! I love the Blue color! Go fig! ANYWAYS! I didn't want my Jewish friends ^_^ to feel left out! SO! Here it is sorry it's after Hanukkah started but it lasts a few days it's just a gift for one day ! AND! I'd like to appologize to all the other holiday people... Cause I don't know the colors But If you would be kind enough to give them to me I will make this dress in those colors! Anyways not shown in the other upload cause this was made first this dress is totally seemless.... As shown in pictures AND! Don't forget to check out.... I will be giving her the rest of the dresses.... An JJ's site at http://www.lucentsims.com/ I gave her a bunch of my male stuff for free instead of pay cause It's not good enough to be pay... So check it out on there she will be updating soon. Maybe I'll put one on here too... Depends on how much you guys like this dress and what the reactions are If you like please press the thanx button or comment that's how I rate my iteams popularity..... Thank you

Oh and if someone know's a spelling I of this holiday I don't have in key words please let me know In any case this dress is nice for all days Thanks to everyone's help ^_^ Including the nice mod who approved this and the wounderful animalhugger and Reiki All correct spellings have been added Thanks guys!

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