Craftsman - Rustic Abode

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Uploaded 22nd Dec 2006 at 12:37 AM · Updated 1st May 2009 at 10:15 PM by Yargo179

Craftsman - Rustic Abode
I have a sort of crush on Craftsman homes. They’re just perfect. They’re classy, elegant and yet manage to maintain a sort of humility typical of warm family homes. In any case, I bring you my latest creation. I hope you enjoy all the detail and effort that went into it.

Lot Stats
Size: 2x2
Price: $30,275 simoleons
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cleaned with Clean Installer NOTE: To prevent the "Grand Trianon" objects from flashing blue download their "FloorMirror" which can be found in their signature here:

Please comment and thank.

My Policy
Do not use this lot as a base for any other lot. Do not upload to the Exchange and claim it as your own. Do not change this lot to upload anywhere else. If you wish to upload the intact lot in any other site I must first approve and be given full credit.

CC Inluded
Note: Any recolors included are used somewhere in the lot with the exception of those of the Angled Beam. I kept getting an error message when I tried to remove those. You can remove them yourself before installing the file using Clean Installer or you can delete them easily in-game. Sorry about that.

Also, please do not post asking where to find such-and-such CC item. Look over the list below first and only if the item is not listed can you ask. Think of it as a time saver for the both of us.

-Chick Stairstest and Chick Stairs Pastel Slate by Cathy at
-Georgian Entry Door and French Door by
-OpenAuto Garage Door by Fresh-Prince at
-The “Grand Trianon” Poster Column by The Dream Team
-Angled Beam w/ re-colors by Lethe_s and Echo
-Clump of Grass and Clump of Short Grass w/ re-colors by Lethe_s and Echo
-Maxis “Monolith” Topiary found by Numenor at
-Maxis Timber Steel Column found by Numenor at

-Grand Trianon Cows and Sheep Wallpaper by The Dream Team at
-City Brick 1 by Moononsun at
-Dark Yellow, Prune Half Molding, Taupe Half Molding and Prune wall by Zhaana at

-Slate Floor by Cathy at
-African Sandstone, Pink Marble and Cream Swirl Marble from the Stone Collection by Lethe_s at
-Country Chic Wood by nengi65 at

-Trawka Nr 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and stone/dirt terrain by Margierytka at
-Brown and Gold Fallen Leaves by JWoods (The Mod Squad) at

-Chick Fence Rubbed Very White, Lucas Verandah Railing Weathered and Weathered Low Stakes Fencing by Cathy at
-Mini-Pediment Stucco by Macarossi at

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