Macaw Pack 1; Blue and Gold, Greenwing, Hyacinth and Military

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Uploaded 2nd Jan 2007 at 11:21 PM · Updated 19th Nov 2008 at 10:59 PM by Canoodle

Hello all,

Well, I finally finished the first pack of hopefully more to come.. again, I tried to keep them as accurate as possible, but due to the restraints of how the textures are set up, (ie, top and underside of the wing are the same), this isn't always possible.

Species included in this pack are as follows:

Blue and Gold: Lovely electric blue and golden-yellow coloration. One of the most popular macaws available as pets, along with the scarlet. Known for having a great all-around personality.
Hyacinth: Largest living parrot; very endangered. Royal blue, with a gold-striped black tongue and golden-orange skin around the eyes and beak. Known for being gentle giants.
Greenwing: Mostly a deep red, similar in coloration to the scarlet but with green in place of yellow. One of the largest macaws, a step down from the Hyacinth.
Military: Primarily green, with a red patch of springy feathers at the crown. Socialble birds, though descriptions on individual behavior varies.


My Guidelines:

-Feel free to recolour my recolours... Just link back to this page.
-Do NOT upload my creations on the Exchange or pay sites.
-You may use my creations in pictures, stories, etc.
-Please give credit where credit is due.

Thank you!

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