The Morton Project-Part C-neighbourhood

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The Morton Project

The Morton Project is a neighbourhood I am designing and creating. I am uploading it in chunks, this is the third ‘pack’, it is the actual neighbourhood!

The Morton project will once finished include the following:
A custom terrain
A full residential lot district
A full community lot district
No Sims – you can do that yourself and mould it to be your own-I may upload a family or two to get it started though.

This neighbourhood is to go with the homes in parts A and B!

This is Part C too access part B click here (upper class homes x3)
This is Part C too access part A click here (starter homes x10)

firstly the package is called 'apple haze valley' (because i created it before i started this project).

The rar below contains:
-the actual neighbourhood
-a desert view
-a lush view
-a concrete view
-a dirt view
(these should replace that horrorable 'Custom terrain pic' i hope but if not just delete the default pic and mine should appear instead.)
-it also contains my policy


please dowload it for other use as well, in general it is a good neighbourhood i use it more often than most maxis, plus it works well without the uploaded camera mod that zooms out more!

Part d should be middle class homes
part e should be a group of community lots



a final note on screenies - there are three platforms to the neighbourhood a lower, middle and upper there are shots of each. AND TO REMIND EVERYONE IT WORKS WELL WITH THE MAXIS CAMERA

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