Retro Revolution: Clothes for Guys and Dolls

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Uploaded 24th Jan 2007 at 12:39 AM · Updated 25th Jan 2007 at 6:47 PM by hopawaay109

So, I'm going through a retro phase, and i've made several retro clothes for my cool cat sims. Here are the items uploaded with details

HandPaintedDenim: 4 Files
Required mesh:MESH_SUSSI_femaleshapebottom
the mesh is by SussisSoGoodSims(, see the link below
Three Shorts, two with converse, one with sandals. Two are high waisted for that retro look, the other is lower so your sims can wear it with non maxis mesh shirts.
These files are hand painted by myself, my original textures.
only the shoes part of the capris are by willywiluhps (

DollsDresses: 2 Files
Required Meshes: SMF_MESHDiorDress1260706; MESH_SimChicPencilDressTwo6-02-05 (these are from the non modthesim2 sites!)
Just find the mesh that resembles the shape of the dress in the picture...The simchic mesh is under freebies>female adult/young adult> fourth row down in the fourth column
the summer dress mesh is by mdleindesign, it is under freebies>meshes>second row down, first column. The dress is an altered pattern image.
The Kahki dress is an entirely original texture, i hand-painted it. THe amazing mesh is by sim chic.
(See the links below to retreive meshes)

ScrunchOnePiece: 3 files
these three files require no mesh, they are modified textures (of a photo of the actual textile) with some hand painting. They are recolours of eachother. They are found under swim, undies, and pjs. They have bump maps.

NightLifeMeshMensShirts: 3 Files
Require Nightlife EP; the tops are modified pictures of the actual shirt with some handpainting, the pants' textures are untouched from the Maxis textures.

IndigoButrFlyTop...: 1 file
Heh, i guess you can say this is more a 60s top, with the way it is cut, commonly worn by housewifes or working women when they are hard at work, to complete the look, put a handkerchief on her head.
This is a patterned top with handpainting, and original texture , other than using the pattern.
The mesh is by HystericParoxysm. (see link below)

TiedPlaidTop...: 1 File
Requires Nightlife EP. Modified pictures of original shirt with some handpainting.

Striped Jacket+Mesh: 2 Files
I've included Rabid Angel's mesh, because i couldn't find a site to link it to. The Top part is my texture, the bottom is from a maxis denim texture.
RabidAngel's Creations can be found here, this is probably where i got the mesh from: <>

Enayla_Sailorjerrytats_skintone: 1 file
This is ENAYLA's amazing texture, i merely added tattoos, and those tattoos are pretty much Sailor Jerry's, i'm using the textures out of admiration.
Enayla's policy allows for posting of tattoos added to her skins.
Male has three tattoos, Female has 1. it is from teen to elder.
enayla can be found here: <>
To see sailor Jerry's tattoo art see here: <>

I think that's it...I think i've credited everyone, if i forgot something, please let me know with specifics.
With The male clothes, i would have just used a top mesh, but i couldn't find any that fit with the look i was going for. That is why i kept the maxis jean textures for the male clothing.

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