Automotive Design w/ custom reward: The Aston Martin V8 Vantage!

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This career was by far the hardest one that i have made. Nightlife is only needed if you want the career reward to work. The files are in a folder already so you don't need to sort to remove the reward. It's called V8_reward. It is an automotive design career for your sims.It has a unique guid, is EP compatible, and has a near full set of chance cards(there are none for level 10, but i can't come up with any) The reward is nitto1320i's V8 Vantage. The original can be found here-

The career reward works fully( unlike the drumset that served as the drum career reward) and works great in game. The oictures of the car are at the link above. I only changed the guid so that it won't interfere with the original. It also dosn't appear in the normal car catalog. If you want a buyable version you need to download the original. Now for the levels and there pay..

Level 1- factory employee- you have just begun working in a car assembly plant. Hard physical labor and mechanical skill will be required if you plan on reaching the next level
Pay= 100

Level 2- Factory Floor manager- you are now in charge of a small section of the plant. Hard work is still necessary as you still work on building the cars, but now you need charisma to make sure your area doesn’t get out of line. Pay= 250 \

Level 3- Car Inspector- you are now out of the crowded factory. Your job is to inspect all of the cars that roll off of the assembly line and make sure that they are up to standard. You are starting to learn enough about cars start learning how to design them. Keep working and you could become a designer in no time. Pay = 400

Level 4- Automotive Design Student- you are now studying the parts of an automobile. The hard work is now all on paper. You are learning basic mechanical features and how to make the most stylish of cars. Oh and I almost forgot, your getting paid to go to school. Pay = 500

Level 5- Diesel Mechanic- To better ensure your skill and knowledge of a car you have been made a diesel mechanic. You will now learn how the cars we love work how they do. Learn all that you need and you might just start designing. Pay = 1000

Level 6- designer’s secretary- you now work as a secretary for a top of the line designer. Play your cards right and become an assistant designer. You still get to learn what to do here, as you do see all of the plans as you mail them to the factories and production centers. Pay = 1500

Level 7- Assistant of Designs- Now you work in an office. By now you should have a great idea of what cool cars people want to buy, and the process that goes into making them. You are also working next to some of the other great designers. Pay = 3000

Level 8- Automotive Design Specialist- Congratulations! You now lead a team of designers working on the latest of sports cars. All of your hard work is paying off, and more importantly, you are making a name for yourself in the automotive industry. Pay = 5000

Level 9- Dealership Owner - You are so well known in The Sim Motor Company that you have been granted your own dealership. You not only play a role in the design of the cars, but also in the marketing and sales. Now you really start raking in the cash, and soon enough you could become the owner of The Sim Motor Company. Pay= 9000

Level 10- CEO of The Sim Motor Company- Congratulations on becoming the CEO. You now have the ultimate authority. You own the company, and control all aspects. You are literally on top. Without your company it would take forever for people to travel. You will continue to make advancements in the industry until your company comes out on top. Pay = 10000

Here is a sample chance card too...

level 7.

You were working on the design of a new car when an idea struck you. You could possibly build a flying car that both works and is appealing to the eye. You draw up plans for the car and decide that it would work. Only one problem. You are only an assistant and can't have full plans without the project director's approval. Should you do it anyway or ask first?
Choice A: Ask First Choice B: Do It Anyway

A good: you decide to ask first. The project director approves, but changes several high risk problems. The car is built and you get 20,000 and a new job!

A Bad: You decided to show it to your project director. The entire team laughs at you and then tell you to go home and learn how to design. Nothing bad happens other than that, but it still hurts to know that you are the laughing stock of the company!

B Good: You decide that it is okay to build it on your own. The CEO notices your design as genius and promotes you to a lead designer. Congrats on do it yourself projects! The minute the car premires it's a hit. No one but you has actally flown the car yet but hey, how many people actually have piolets licenses?

B Bad: You decided to build it yourself. The Car ended in failure, a scraped project. You've been sacked for horrible design ideas and horrible planning!

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