The Loft Nightclub

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Uploaded 19th Feb 2007 at 7:14 AM

Well, I bought Pets and celebrated by reformatting my PC and putting in a spanking clean install of my Sims games. I decided to start my neighborhood over and of course, first I had to put in some community lots! So I bring you my first community lot, the Loft Nightclub.

Title: The Loft Nightclub
Category: Community Lot

Description: The Loft Nightclub is stylish split levelled open room, with 2 stacked dance floors, a bar area, ample dining areas, ample lounging areas, a game area and and Karaoke area!

Lot size: 3x4
Price: $775,354
Furnished: yes - Maxis only
Played/tested: yes - not saved

Games installed: I have all the EP's, but none of the "stuff packs", and since I used some Maxi's content from Uni, Nightlife, Pets and OFB, you should have these also in order to use this lot.

-The kitchen is located in a small basement area, hidden under a platform. Play tested and works fine.
-I play tested to be sure Sims wouldn't have problems, but did not save, so everything is new inside.
-The only problem I encountered was some difficulty getting the Sims to dance on the dance floor. After several tries moving the DJ booth around a bit, the best I could manage was my Sim was happy do dance over on one corner, or wayyyy down below near the bar?! If someone knows a trick to get sims to dance on the dance floor, let me know.

Custom Content:
This has been scanned with Clean Installer and has no hacks or custom stuff. I had intended to include one of Darter1234's Astro-Divider Stall recolors, however apparently now recolors of Maxis stuff no longer get packaged, and I have yet to figure out how to put it in the installer. Again, if someone knows how to do that, please feel free to let me know. :P

Meanwhile, here is the link for the stall recolors, if you don't already have them.

I used "Deepest Grey" in the bathrooms:

Exterior Front
Interior Large
Game Corner
Karaoke Corner
Bar Corner
Dining Corner