12 Kenyon Drive

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Uploaded 19th Feb 2007 at 10:36 PM

All right, here's a little lot I had kicking around, for my starter sims, and I thought I would share it..

Title: 12 Kenyon Drive
Category: Residential

Description: This simple yet stylish little starter home is perfect for your recently gradded Sims to start life out in. It features 2 stories and a carport, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and an extra room which can be used as a small nursery or another bathroom.

Lot size: 2x3
Price: $18,681
Furnished: No
Played/tested: No
Games installed: I have all the EP's, but none of the "stuff packs". I did use some building objects from the EP's, so you should have these also in order to use this lot.

-I used all Maxis stuff (which isn't as cheap as some custom walls, floors and fixtures) so this is unfurnished except for 2 bathrooms and indoor lights. I could have added more landscaping to pretty it up a bit more, but opted to leave the remaining (and meagre) $1300 to go toward a few necessities should you want to play your sim from scratch.

Custom Content:
This has been scanned with Clean Installer and contains no custom content or hacks.

Exterior Front
Exterior Back
Main Floor
Second Floor