Pariah Corax

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Uploaded 13th Mar 2007 at 3:02 AM

I don't tend to really fall in love with my female sims... but no sim since Corvus has had me as captivated as Pariah. I can't stop staring at her. She makes the funniest faces, and keeps surprising me with her reactions. She's incredibly shy and quite grumpy... she's much happier alone in her greenhouse or reading a book in her room than as the center of attention.

Corvus has captured her heart, though, and seems to be remarkably understanding of her shyness and mood swings. He lets her to herself, giving her the space and time alone she requires, but they always end up curled up together at the end of the day, finding contentment in each others' arms. You can find Corvus under my profile - I have him pictured with her in my new skin and New Roman hair, but his face is the same.

Pariah looks pretty good at most other ages (except toddler) and should breed well - she looks good gender-switched too.

You will need to download the meshes for her hair and clothing!
  • I have provided a direct link below to the beautiful hair by Nouk so you can get the mesh for her hair.
  • For the clothing... 2-f0r-U is a frames site so you will need to follow the directions... Under Meshes, click on Fashion, then Female, then go to page 6, and download the "MiniStiletto" mesh.

You're welcome to use Pariah for stories, movies, etc. - just please don't claim her as your own creation unless you make significant changes to her facial sculpt and content.

I have all expansions so if you try to install her using the game installer without all expansions, it will say "This content requires expansion pack data which is not installed." It is LYING TO YOU. Full sims do not require expansion packs! Install this sim using Q-Xpress or Clean Installer and she will work just fine, even in the base game. (If you're on a Mac and don't have the option of using Q-Xpress or Clean Installer but want to use this sim, let me know and I'll get her to you in a form that you can use.)

Custom Content by Me:
- Pariah Corax
- Blasphemy Eyes - Decay
- Brown Eyebrows
- Natural Beauty Subtle Lipstick - Berry
- Idolatry of Flesh Skintone - Medium

Custom Content Included:
- Natural Eyeliner/Lashes by Barcelonista
- Real Dreads - Dark Brown by Nouk
- Brown Sweater with Skirt Outfit by Tuulia

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Nouk, Barcelonista, 2-f0r-u, and Tuulia for the content besides my own that has gone into making Pariah.

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