Pro Surfing Major

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Uploaded 18th Mar 2007 at 6:30 AM

Hey everyone I made this major for Katierob. I hope you like it.
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Description- Learn to surf with Pro surfing Academy. Our amazing successful system of teaching results in a 9 out 10 stand up ratio. our instructors have extensive water knowledge, teaching experience and first aid and also CPR certificates.

Custom GUID-0x0031B314

Careers- slacker, show business, criminal

Focused Skills- creativity, body, charisma, mechanical

Class Titles

1- first aid: band-aids, CPR, and a lot of hot chocolate.

2-paddling: the action of moving your arms through water by repeated strokes.

3 -pushing up: moving the surf board down as your body moves up. This action gets you through the white water part of waves.

4-pop up: jumping or sliding up on your surf board’ sweet spot

5- turtle roll: grabbing the sides of your surf boar with both hands and turning it upside down.

6-Covering your head: To use your arms to cover your head and face when wiping out.

7-Shuffling: Sliding your feet on the ocean floor helps in case something lurks below

8- Surf Etiquette: Respecting your fellow surfers, your ocean, and your surf board

Additional Credits:
thanks to NataSqui for the phenominal tutorial on majors

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