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Snowboarding major

just some info one snowboarding:

Types of boarding-

1- freeriding: is where virtually all boarders begin. It is where you will being.

Freeriding means go anywhere and do anything. freeriding compares most closely to alpine skiing. You start at the top of the slope and chose how you get to the bottom, e.g. straight and fast, slow and deliberate, etc

2- freestyle: is what you see on TV a lot. It is the “extreme” style of snowboarding which is normally done in the snowboard park or half pipe. It includes the jumps, tricks, spins, and grinds.

3- Free carving: is going fast and carving hard and includes race boarding. It uses unique board, boot, binding system more similar to those used for snow skiing. The free carving board is wider and has longer nose and tail than others powder riding. The racing board is narrower than the others. Both are rounded on one end only. The boots are hard, lie ski boots, and bindings are also similar to ski bindings. Free carving gear is designed to do 2 things. Go really fast and hold an edge on a hard carves.

Class titles:

Freshman 1- safety: When starting downhill or merging, look up slope and yield to others.

Freshman 2- boards: each type of boarding uses a different type of board and the nose; tail and waist will vary depending on the type.

Sophomore 1- Regular or Goofy: If you are regular, you ride with your left foot forward. If you are goofy, your right foot will be forward

Sophomore 2- beginners: How to use equipment and basic terminology. Correct basic stance and how to balance

Junior 1- Freeriding: refining turns- for a smoother ride. Basic carving- the ultimate reasons to ride!! Pure control. Introduction to small moguls.

Junior 2- freestyle: Fakie 180's/360's Nose rolls (butter's) Ollies/Nollies Straight airs Air with grab.

Senior 1- Park: how to control a spin 180, 360 540 720’s. How to spot a landing when spinning front side, backside, or flipping.

Senior 2- pipe and hill: increasing amplitude in the pipe. Advance mogul techniques. Advance carving. Soft or hard boots. Trees and powder

Class skills required- creativity, logic, body, charisma

Careers- show business, politics, and athletics

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credit to NataSqui for the tutorial on makin majors

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