Actor Career for Adult Sims

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Uploaded 11th Apr 2007 at 12:44 AM · Updated 5th May 2007 at 3:22 AM by Chami98minds : Edited for clarification.

Here is my Actor career!
This career does not over write any maxis or anyone else’s for that matter. I extensively tested for that.
No expansions required so whatever version of the game you’ve got you’ll be fine.
A new custom icon.

It has four chance cards at the moment, possibly more. If you have any suggestions I’m certainly open to them!

Here are the levels of the career.
Coyote Ugly Bouncer/Bartender
Local Theatre Actor
Cruise Ship Entertainer
Commercial Actor
Soap Opera
Reality TV Star
Star in Pilot Sitcom
Made for TV Movie
Popular Sitcom
Movie Star

You can find the teen and elder versions here:

Here are some screen shots of it:

My custom icon

The job finder you’d see.

A shot of the sim’s info with the job listed.

I hope you enjoy it. Please report anything wrong or any suggestions in this thread.

Additional Credits:
Thanks go to the many tutorials on MTS2 and several people at MATY for helping me figure out the finer points of SimPE.
Thanks to the makers of SimPE and Bidou for the career editor.
Thanks also to the people at Sims2rus and MATY (again) who helped me with ideas!

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