Kakashi's eye

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Hey everyone!
I'm a naruto fan, I can't help it x.x
I take no credit for this eye whatsoever
The eye is made from generalzoi's Different Colored eye mesh, and Lifa's sharingan. I have gotten permission from Lifa to use her eye and she, as well as generalzoi because without her this wouldn't be possible, should get all the credit, they both did an awesome job and should be looked up!

generalzoi: http://forums.modthesims2.com/member/generalzoi

Lifa: http://forums.modthesims2.com/member/Lifa

I hope you all like this eye!! It should make your Kakashi seem more realistic!

Oh also I didn't make the scar and it doesn't come with it. Sheyza made it but he deleted the download so I'm sorry! I think I'll try and make my own now since I lost my downloads and don't have his scar anymore either x.x

The hair is recolored by me and it is originally made by Kavar, it's called razor hair and can be found here:


Oh dude before I forget if you want Kakashi's wonderful awesome black eye (his genetic eyes) look up vivi_nousi here:


I loveee her eyes...in fact I just love the stuff she makes but then again if I started that list this would be a very very long thread...

Additional Credits:
Lifa for being so kind after I embarrassed myself with being a pest...

generalzoi for being so kind after I embarrassed myself with being a pest...seems to happen alot x.x

kitanazworld for introducing me to the different colored eyes mesh

and all the rest of you anime fans ^_^

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