Gary The Snail "On A Pedestal"

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Uploaded 1st May 2007 at 3:13 PM · Updated 18th May 2007 at 12:16 AM by tigdadx4 : GUID !

****UPDATE**** I messed up on my GUID's so the old version might conflict with other people's items . If you have already downloaded this and run into this problem please redownload as the current .rar is the fixed version...If you have not downloaded this and are about to no need to worry this will not affect you ....

Here is another Spongebob Squarepants decorative object.. This time it is Gary "On A Pedestal" as I call it ...

This time he is smaller and sitting atop a beautiful wood and marble pedestal .. Gary is also a little lower in poly at 1600 so this should run in most applications smothly ...

This was cloned from the "apple of the eye" pedestal and should be base game compatible .... The marble and wood pedestal IS recolorable ..

This is the second character in a line of Spongebob and Friends items I am making ...

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Now on to the good stuff ... Here are the screen shots of this item in game :

The screenshots do not do this item justice as it looks way better in game !!!!

As said earlier the pedestal is recolorable and is allowed to be recolored just DO NOT include the mesh , You must link back to this thread to get the mesh ... You can upload these in your house uploads to MTS2 Only and you MUST include credit to me for the mesh and a link back to this thread .....

Please don't forget to say thanks and comments are gladly accepted !!!!!!

Polygon Counts:
Faces - 1608
Verts - 1224

Additional Credits:
#create roomies !

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