ORIGINAL set of 10 masks for your Sims, inspired in Halloween

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Uploaded 21st May 2007 at 9:02 PM · Updated 29th Jun 2013 at 11:25 PM by Shadris

Hey Guys,
I'm here with my first masks attempt. Hope you will like them. I was inspired in the Halloween night, but they aren't for this event only, of course. You can find them in your masks folder in game.
Pls, DO NOT upload them on any sites and DO NOT upload them as your creation.
This set includes 10 masks in three smaller sets. Enjoy

This is the 1st smaller set. You can find there 3 masks in two parts. It's very useful for you pixie and dark elf sims(or any other fantasy). They're very bright and very nice for dark skintones.

This set, is the biggest and inludes 3 parts and 5 masks. It's the best for Halloween night and you can find there diferent styles. If you have Night Life Pack your Vampires will really love them

Two masks with blood splatters - just enough not to scare your sims too much

2013 Update:
Please, have patience with my english - this post is like a century old and my skills were not very satisfying in the past. I promise it'll get better with new uploads, but I'm not going to repare all the mistakes made so far( translated - I'm too lazy to do so ).
Oh, and great thanks for the "picked upload" star - I hope you'll like my other creations as well.

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