Hospitality Career - Teen/Elder Version ** UPDATE! Custom Icon Added **

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This is the Teen / Elder version of my Hospitality Career. I've separated the two as I gave different levels and chance cards for the Teen and Elder Sims. I thought a little variation would be nice.

The career does not overwrite any base or custom career. The Teen Business base career icon is used and, like with the Adult Career, I may be adding a custom icon. You can find the Adult career here.

This is EP ready! I play with all to date expansion packs and encountered no problems in my tests and none of my testers reported any problems. However, please let me know if you encounter something off kilter.

Two of the three levels have a chance card; a reasonable idea for one of the levels simply eluded me. But hey, two is better than one or none.

** UPDATE: June 13, 2007 **
The custom icon for the career has been added. I've included a second zip for those who wish to re-download. If you really don't care either way about custom icons, then simply refer to the original zip.

Descriptions of each level is given below. Happy Simming!

Career Levels
Level 1: Valet
Hours: 4 PM – 7 PM, Thurs – Sun
Welcome to the hotel business! Everything starts right where you are: outside the hotel, even before the front door, where you greet guests in a friendly manner and park their luxury (and not so luxury) vehicles in the hotel’s private parking garage. You don’t have to deal so much with the guests, and you spend most of your time whistling or daydreaming when not giving in to panic attacks at near miss accidents (whoever said a parked car was a safe car was obviously wrong!).

Level 2: Pool Attendant
Hours: 4 PM – 8 PM, Wed – Sun
You’ve taken a small step up in the world and landed yourself smack dab in the middle of bedlam. You’re part life guard and part clean up – your hours are split between watching screaming children and adults splash about the pool, yelling at them that there’s no jumping or diving allowed (the hotel’s pool isn’t that big after all!) and collecting sopping wet towels from every inch of the pool area. But hey, at least you don’t have to worry about denting the boss’ car anymore!

Level 3: Concierge
Hours: 3 PM – 8 PM, Thurs – Sat
Need theater tickets to a sold out production? Dinner for six at an elite restaurant? A taxi during rush hour traffic to get to that important meeting in fifteen minutes? You’re the person who’ll be taking those requests (and more) and making miracles happen! You’ve got yourself a nice cushy corner in the lobby of the hotel and handle sane and not so sane requests from each and every guest and making sure their stay is as perfect and pleasant as possible!

Additional Credits:
» SimPE » SuperFly & p00jkins (for the tutorials!)
» Bidou's Career Editor

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