Really Effin' Beat by Derange

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Uploaded 13th Jul 2007 at 2:32 AM · Updated 13th Jul 2007 at 7:38 PM by manikpanik7

So, finally something new! In this set you'll find three injuries of various sorts and one scar. They are all multiwearable.

Effing Beat

This mask consists of a really, really bad bruise, a broken and bleeding nose, a cut on the bridge, and a few small bruises on the right side of the face. It is wearable with everything except for it's scar - I have also layered it so that eye makeup will (for the most part) layer over it. Wearable with any skintone.

Rope Burn #1

The aftermath of a gag having been tied a tad too tight (and perhaps jerked around a little..). Wearable with any skintone.

Rope Burn #2

Don't ask how he got a rope burn up there, because quite frankly I have no clue. This one was inspired by a dream I had, in which one of the individuals had an injury similar to this. Wearable with any skintone.

Vlad's Scar

As described, this is Vlad's newly revised face scar. Multiwearable with an exception of the bruise/blood combo that resulted in this. This scar will ONLY work on pale skintones.


Additional Credits:
SSChan - my mentor in bruise creation

Tags: #wound, #scar, #mafia, #bruise, #cut