Ninja Career for Teens, Adults, and Elders

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***VERY IMPORTANT*** Thanks to Numeror, a new version of the Adult career is here. It is compatible with all versions and should no longer overwrite the Science career. Thanks!

This is... a first for me. This is my Naruto-themed Ninja Career set for Teens, Adults, and Elders. The entire set has custom images and Chance cards for each level, but doesn't use custom work outfits or vehicles so there is no extra stuff to download to make your new job work.

The Adult Career...
Ranges from Academy Student (how embarassing to be an adult and still in public school!) to Jounin and even to Kage, with all the ranks in between and perhaps a few surprises. The reward is the Punching Bag since I do not have the skill to make my own, custom item for it, and Ninjas need to work on their body skills, right?

Most of the jobs are all-week events. A few have weekends off. All of them pay some daily amount. Your Sims should go in the morning and come home early afternoon.

Some of the chance cards may remind you of certain events... ah, nah, who am I kidding.

The Teen Career...
Ranges from Academy Student to Chuunin, as I figure the teens can go up in rank to Special Jounin when they become adults. The chance cards are mainly borrowed from the Adult career, and you may find if you're busy with school, you'll be pardoned from having to leave. :P

The Elder Career...
Ranges from Jounin to... Sannin! I didn't think it was fair to make poor lazy bones Jirayia a Kage without his permission, right? These chance cards are all new, and one of them is very hard to get but is a special surprise.

Okay, so it's not a word. I will allow editing of my creations if I receive the proper credit. You can change the careers completely if you wish, or update them as you see fit, just link back and tell me, 'K?

Please don't sell this somewhere. I'll have an absolute heart attack if I see it on a paysite. That's not nice to anybody.

This is my first series of creations, so if you run across errors, I'll -try- to fix them. So please be kind.
Extra Stuff...
It should be noted this career set was based off another I found here on ModTheSims2, but it didn't work for my expansions! So I went totally overboard and made it for all ages. I have no clue how to make one for Young Adults, unless all the Teen careers pass on automatically.

Someday, when I figure out how, I plan on making a 'Animal Familiar' career for Pets that follows the same lines of the Naruto careers here. (Your Akamaru can finally fight and get moolah as well.)

EDIT: I keep getting questions about the Tsunade and Jiraiya in these pictures. Both came from the Sims exchange and have a couple options for you to download.
I decided to link you guys to the searches for these. Mind you, you must have a registered game in order to download from the Exchange.
Zabuza and Haku!

Finally ... Naruto-themed Books (including Kakashi's)

That should be it! Thanks, folks!

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Bidou's Career Editor

Age: Teen Adult Elder
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Chance cards: All

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