1 Hallhaven Way

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Uploaded 8th Aug 2007 at 6:11 PM

It's been while since I uploaded a house, but this one turned out cute so I thought I would share it.

Title: 1 Hallhaven Way
Category: Residential

Description: This is a small/medium sized single family home. It is 2 stories, no garage. It features 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (Sims can never have too many bathrooms!), a small office, as well as kitchen, dining room, and sunken living room!

Lot size: 2x4
Price: $61, 271
Furnished: There are some counters but otherwise, no
Played/tested: No.
Games installed: I have all the EP's except Seasons, and no "stuff packs". I don't think I used anything past Nightlife, so I don't think you will need anything past Nightlife but - if you have a problem, please let me know!

Landscaping: I used dirt terrain flooring under the flowers and bushes, because it's neater than spraypainting and I don't use gardeners in my game. But! If you do, this will probably give your gardener a fit, so you might want to pull it up and replace with the spray dirt.

Custom Content:
This has been scanned with Clean Installer and contains no hacks. I've used some custom windows, doors and shrubs.

1: La Fenetre window short, by Windkeeper.
2: Shrubbery from 4ESF: from Outdoor2: globe shrub
3: Shrubbery from 4ESF: from Outdoor3: egg shrub
4: Edge Smoother by Ailias
5: Georgian Door by Phoenix Phaerie

I resisted the urge to include my own whiter walls and lighter wood floor, but did use my dark red brick stuff - so there is 4 walls and 1 matching brick flooring, made by me.

Not included:
1: Recolor of the flowers: the white and red one I used is by Simveggie and can be found here:

Exterior Front A
Exterior Front B
Exterior Back
Main Floor
Second Floor

Lot Size: 2x4
Lot Price: $61, 271

Custom Content by Me:
- Dark Red Brickingby Alektra 
- Dark Red Brickby Alektra 
- by Alektra 
- by Alektra 
- by Alektra 

Custom Content Included:
- 4ESF Outdoor2 Globe Shrub by 4ESF
- 4ESF Outdoor2 Egg Shrub by 4ESF
- Edge Smoother Gray by Ailias
- Georgian Entry Door by phoenix_phaerie
- Lafenêtre Window Short by windkeeper
- Lafenêtre Window Short by windkeeper