Master Painter Collection - Skilling Paintings with Custom Sketchbook

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The Galleria Artista presents:

This Master Painter series collection was handcrafted for The Galleria Artista Art School and Museum. Master Painters included in the collection are Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Raphael, Rubens, and Vermeer. They were intended to be viewed by art critics, studied to advance fluency in culture and art, and sketched by all for advancing creativity in art.

There are 5 collections in the entire series. Pick one set or choose them all. Screenshots of the paintings available in each collection are below. Your sims will sketch the paintings gaining creativity using the custom sketchbook included in each collection, or study the paintings and gain charisma. With each time your sim studies a painting they will also gain one point of interest in culture.

Create a community art gallery for all your sims to enjoy by using JMPescado's community skilling hack found within the Director's Cut hacks set at MoreAwesomeThanYou OR just enjoy the paintings in your sim's homes!

Each set was cloned from an original Maxis painting with the original paintings replaced and the skilling options added. The sketchbook was cloned from the Maxis books with a recolor of the inside pages and cover. Feel free to recolor and share only on MTS2 and only by pointing to my original set to get the meshes.


***Please note that some of the Master Painter's paintings contain graphic material that may not be suited to younger audiences.

***This is my first time creating objects so if you like them please remember to add your thanks! I trully enjoyed making them and hope your sims enjoy them too!

Polygon Counts:
The original maxis meshes have not been changed, only the textures for the paintings.

Additional Credits:
***Many thanks go out to Echo and Numenor who helped me through figuring out how to make this work via their tutorials and helpful feedback, as well as the makers of SimPE and ModTheSims2 owners for hosting all the great tutorials.

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