Geminianapolis No2 with low coastline

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Uploaded 25th Sep 2007 at 12:35 AM · Updated 26th Sep 2007 at 3:42 PM by geminia : Changed EP & SPs required

Ok first of all note that Geminianapolis series are my first uploads and first SC4 creations so be kind.
With BV on th way I've decided to create a few NHs of my own.
Thankfully, I may say, cause I was sad to notice that NH templates that came with BV, though nice where quite small for the average NH size I usually use in my game. Then I thought to share.
So here is Geminianapolis No2 with low coastline for beach lots, and a lake that can become swimable if you own BV(though sims won't consider it as a lake). It has much room for many lots and comes with all terrain types.
I created it when All EPs (exept BV) and SPs were installed, and been tested in game with BV installed as well. In fact that's my Base NH in my game.
Works well without a camera mod, however it is reccomended if you want to take full advantage of it's space.

Tags: #Neighborhoods, #templates, #coastline, #lake, #vacation