Geminianapolis No3

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Uploaded 25th Sep 2007 at 12:48 AM · Updated 26th Sep 2007 at 3:44 PM by geminia : Changed EP & SPs required

Ok first of all note that Geminianapolis series are my first uploads and first SC4 creations so be kind.
With BV on th way I've decided to create a few NHs of my own.
Thankfully, I may say, cause I was sad to notice that NH templates that came with BV, though nice where quite small for the average NH size I usually use in my game. Then I thought to share.
So here is Geminianapolis No3 with low coastline for beach lots around a lake.So lakeside lots we could say. It has much room for many lots and comes with all terrain types.
I created it when All EPs (exept BV) and SPs were installed, and been tested in game with BV installed as well.
Works well without a camera mod, however it is reccomended if you want to take full advantage of it's space.

Note:there is some visual issues with the bridge landings, witch I couldn't figure out, since it looked fine in SC4 , but not so smooth in TS2...It doesn't affect gameplay at all though. It's just visual. Suggestions are welcome

Tags: #Neighborhoods, #templates, #coastline, #lake, #vacation